Bridge: Up for a challenge?

Check your e-mail. I think you can if you pay $3.99/week for basic robots or $2.99/day for advanced robots. I’m forwarding you the question I sent to BBO support about that and will forward their response when I get it.

Thanks. Saw your email. Appreciate the help!

NN wins the regular challenge with +23.00, by 10.75. I beat AA by 9. Declare-only and vs procrastinator reissued.

I forwarded the BBO support response to you. One rental is sufficient for two humans to play with 2 robots.

Perfect. Thank you! Now to convince my friend that he should get back into bridge. Or find some other friends who will try.

I win the declare-only, unintentionally imps, with +12.25, by 10.75.

Procrastinator wins the regular challenge with +29.69, by 33.36.

I lose to procrastinator by 14 and beat NN by 16.

All 5 challenges reissued

Lose to NN by 14. It should have been by 1, except that I had to take a break in the middle of a hand, came back 2 hours later and didn’t remember what cards had been played. threw away 13 imps by letting an impossible game make that would have been set easily. Reissued. I’ve played all the other matches, seeing one of the worst bids ever by CHO in one of them.

ETA: procrastinator wins the regular challenge with +9.5o, by 5.75. NN wins the declare-only with 60.94%, by 0.78%. Both reissued

Win by 1 was AA. Procrastinator only played 6 boards of our match. I was up 6.

Procrastinator didn’t get to this one, one of the worst bids ever by CHO

What an awful bid, and it didn’t match the description.

Perhaps I should not have bid 2S, but his bidding 3D instead of 3S (or possibly 4S) was awful!

Both reissued

Procrastinator wins the regular group challenge with +17.00, by 4.25.

I lose to NN by 1, which should have been 5, except I misclicked and passed a clear opening bid where opening lead to a game that goes down.

Oirg wins the declare-only with an impressive 64.06%, by 7.81%.

All reissued

Amazingly win by 38 after passing a 4S cue bid with known 5-card fit and going down 3. I correctly reasoned that 5H would sureiy be down and that if he had the spade K as explanation indicated, 4S might make. Alas, not the spade K, his second round control was a small stiff. Down 3, but fortunately procrastinator was down 1 in 3NT, so only -3 imps.


NN and I tie for first in the declare-only with 54.17%. Reissued

+7 vs NN, -6 vs procrastinator, -2 vs AA. NN wins the regular group challenge with +14.75, by 6.75. All reissued

NN wins the declare-only with 60.94%, by 3,13%. Reissued

oirg romps in the regular group challenge: +35.50, by 18.75. I beat AA by 24. Both reissued.

procrastinator wins the declare-only with 56.25%, by 0.78%. procrastinator procrastinated too much and only finished 5 boards of our match, which I won 3-1. I beat NN by 44 including 13 on a nearly impossible slam (bidding more CHO’s fault than mine, IMO) that couldn’t make double dummy but made on East’s defense (which was not outrageous given his hand and the dummy he saw).

All 3 reissued

Our latest 1v1 just finished and I lost by 2 points. Interesting that 3/4 hands that you scored on were hands that we both set the opponents, but you set them by 1 more trick. 3, 2, and 2 points respectively. It felt like a good run, so bummed to lose out on 3 hands that I thought I did well on!

procrastinator wins the regular challenge with +23.25, by 12.25. It and vs AA reissued

oirg wins the regular challenge with 26.75, by 5.25. I lose to AA by 24. I beat NN and procrastinator each by 22. procrastinator wins the declare-only with 58.59%, by 2.34%.

declare-only, vs procrastinator and vs NN reissued. Other two tomorrow, probably.

the others were reissued. Just started the declare-only. Noticed that it (not the intent) is imps

I win the unintentionally imps declare-only with +18.83, by 4.25. I beat procrastinator by 2, even though he played 2 spades REDOUBLED making FIVE. Timed out in the middle of board 14 vs NN, so I don’t have any result for that one. All three reissued, and the declare-only is matchpoints.