Bridge: Up for a challenge?

procrastinator wins the regular challenge with +16.25, by 10.50. I beat NN by 34. Both reissued

oirg wins the declare-only (IMPs) with +5.25, by 1.25. I lose to procrastinator by 4. Both reissued, with NN an procrastinator out.

win by 30 vs AA. Reissued

procrastinator wins the regular challenge with +14.00, by 1.00. I beat NN by 11. Both reissued

I win the incredibly tight declare-only with 52.34%, by 2.34%. That challenge featured some really awful bidding by our side. I beat procrastinator by 5. Both reissued, oirg and JEB_SW out in the declare-only.

AA wins the regular challenge with +14.00, by 2.33. I beat AA by 42. Both reissued.

BTW, I forgot to report this bizarre bidding explanation from my match against procrastinator.

(No I wasn’t considering bidding 2S. I was thinking about 2H, but the explanation was equally bizarre. The auction was currently at 1NT, but either 2H or 2S by me in the passout seat would be a balancing jump overcall.

FWIW, I did bid 2H and lost 10 imps, deservedly. Not a disciplined or good call.

Lose to NN by 15. Reissued

Klaymen wins the declare-only challenge with 57.81%, by 2.34%. I lose to procrastinator by 7. Both reissued, with Klaymen and procrastinator out in the declare-only.

I win the regular challenge with +38.25, by 34.75. I only completed 8 boards against AA, so don’t know how I was faring. Both reissued

Oops. Missed an again. Only completed 6 boards against NN. No sure how it was going.

I win the declare-only with 56.25%, by .78%. I beat by procrastinator by 23. Both reissued, Declare-only is IMPs, AA and oirg out.

I win the regular challenge with +23.75, by 15.50. I beat AA by 10, thanks to +11 on a ridiculous slam bid by CHO, which required 3 hooks all to work. They did. Both reissued.

Two matches against NN because BBO didn’t record the first challenge promptly so I tried again. First one I lost by 12 because my LHO played AQxx opposite xx by leading A then Q. With Kx onside, the only way to go down. A then small would even work as the Q would still set up. it was in a slam, so cost me 14 imps. Other match a 3-3 tie. Reissued (only one match)

NN wins the declare-only (IMPs) with +13.50, narrowly, by only +0.25. I lose to procrastinator by 19. Both those were completed yesterday and are being reissued now, NN and JEB_SW out in the declare-only.

procrastinator wins the regular challenge with +12.00, by 9.50. I finish only 14 boards against AA, so don’t the how those went. Not my problem this time for not finishing. I lost my wallet on the way home on the train from Washington DC today, and had to do a lot of scrambling replacing lost credit cards, etc.

The regular challenge and individual challenge with AA will be reissued tomorrow, so I don’t have 4 challenges expiring 3 days from now.

Lose to NN by 17. :swear: I suppose I deserved to lose 12 on this deal, but CHO sure threw a curve all at me

Screenshot 2023-06-04 at 9.55.28 PM

Since he showed FIVE clubs, I elected to bid 5 clubs, down 1, when 3NT was cold. I still think 5C then was right, but surely I deserve part of the blame, NN’s initial 2C was better than my initial 3C, and would have led to an easy auction to the right spot.

Then :swear: I don’t understand why I should have lost 10 on another deal. Same contract, same auction, reached the same 5 card end position (except one different discard by LHO that had no impact of declarer’s chances, and bots don’t signal). He and I led different spades to trick 9, but the legitimate chance were the same regardless of card led. For whatever reason, second hand ducked Kx against him, getting endplayed, but rose K against me, defeating the contract.

And then there were these strange bidding situations, where no imps ended up changing. Look at these explanations for three possible calls by me in the same position:

Screenshot 2023-06-04 at 10.17.19 PM

4S shows a very strong hand with at least 5S (how it can have 18+ HCP and 18- total points seems contradictory, but certainly strong). 3S shows 6 spades and at most 11 total points. Double seems especially odd, with the wide point range and at least 2 hearts. Since I didn’t have 2 hearts and wasn’t sure whether double suggested defending, I was having none of that. I did bid 3S which worked out OK. (Actually well; I ended up defending 5H down 3 where NN passed and ended up defending 4H down 2.)

Then this position where the system notes seem very strange to me:
Screenshot 2023-06-04 at 10.26.34 PM

Screenshot 2023-06-04 at 10.27.00 PM
I would expect 3C and 3D to have the same meaning, each with some values in the suit named. But they are radically different for some reason. NN and I each chose 3D, leading to a push.

Regular group challenges and individual challenges against NN and AA reissued.

I played against the bots yesterday and opened 1C. LHO bid 3H, CHO bid 4H and RHO doubled. I didn’t have anything to say so I passed it back to CHO who also passed and left us in a 2-2 trump fit, moron.

We were tied 25-25 through 14, and I made game and game doubled in the last two boards!

Hope everything got sorted out with the wallet.

Seems crazy to pass that just using basic logic. I wonder though if the pass notes said something like “strong rebiddable hearts”. Which again, seems almost not possible, but bot may have been counting on that from you with your pass.

procrastinator wins the declare-only with 56.25%, by 4.69%. Reissued, imps, Klaymen and AA out.