Brag about your GoActuary badges

I think you only get the badge if the mods click “yes” in response to the flag the report generates. If the mods throw away the flag, I don’t think you get the badge.

I don’t think that’s true. Someone just got a first flag badge and there aren’t any mods on right now.

there is however a spam bot who i assume they flagged.

the badge was pretty immediate when i finally got it after flagging a post. there wasn’t time for a mod to throw it away or not.

I saw multiple flags from the spam bot. I deleted and IP banned them.

i meant when the person got the badge, i don’t think you were on here at the time. could check when mods are online by looking at the mod group and none were. that’s why i think that the badge being triggered isn’t based on a mod approving of the flag or not.

also, when i got the badge it was instant.

unless you’re not disagreeing with me and just telling us you banned the spam bot. if so, good job. :+1:

Thanks, everybody, for liking my posts!


I just flagged my first post!!! I feel so grown-up!!!


just? wow, i’m way more of a rat than you. i tried to hold off a little, but didn’t last that long. i flagged my first post ages ago.

This was an extremely obvious spammer. I just happened to be in the right place at the right time! :kissing_closed_eyes:


I figured it was a spammer that finally got you the badge

What was wrong with your first post that caused you to flag it instead of editing it?

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I accidentally clicked ignore on Breadmakers flag, and unfortunately there is no undo button once you’ve cleared a flag. I just wen’t back and hit the spam manually, as it was indeed spam.

I just got my 7th Nice Reply badge!!! Thanks to everybody who liked my posts!!! :bighug: :kissing_closed_eyes:


Trust Level 3 – Regular

I’m honored.


:badger: :+1: :party:

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Now you can read my quilts thread!

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I think I got mine when Serena was handing them out like participation trophies. I’m surprised that as a Pioneer that you didn’t automatically get it.

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Yeah, me too…especially since…

…I think I’ve already read this thread.


Regardless, I’m just glad to be in with the cool kids (perhaps, again).

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Anniversary 3 today




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