Brag about your GoActuary badges

check ME out! I’m such a nice person.


I have one that says “I Pooped.”

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Woo hoo! I’m one of the 14!



Sadly, I will never get the " New User of the Month" badge.

same. i guess i just wasn’t good enough :frowning:

although, i think i joined in a month that likely had more competition. i joined when the ao was dying. i’m sure there was an uptick in new users then here. looks like the 2 people who got that badge for september joined the same day i did.

it’s gonna take a lot of work and no standards, but if i manage to get this badge, will that make GoActuary my soulmate?

Crazy in Love - GoActuary

That one would be difficult for me.

I have “liked” exactly zero posts.


On any site or platform.

Badges? We don’t need no stinkin’ badges!

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is this like taking pride in traveling being for suckers?

Nah. Just never understood the ‘like’ thing.

I get a million of them on any FB post I make. People dole those things out without a thought. It cheapens the very thought.

And why is it a heart. That implies love, not like.

Is there an international symbol of like?

i don’t get a million of them on any fb post i make. people must loathe me.

also, i only like things if i feel a liking for them. i put thought into every single like.

i view the heart as like, rather than love. i suppose they could replace that with a thumbs up though.

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Well, I don’t call people idiots in my posts. And people rarely like a post in which they are called an idiot, I assume.

But there are people out there who just ‘like’ every post they see.

If I like someone’s post, I just tell them right there in the thread.

my last 2 posts on my wall were not calling anyone an idiot. i thought my 2nd to last post was quite clever. only got 10 emotes though.

I get like 15 or 20 likes or other emotes. They are the same 15 to 20 people doing it.

I’ll go ahead and put some likes on those posts for you.

maybe those people appreciate your posts. are they like whores with everyone? i tend to like many posts of certain people, while others that suck, i ignore.

I think they are very free with their ‘likes’

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you seem very unappreciative. if we are ever facebook friends, i will hold back all my likes from you. also assuming you have an issue with people wishing you a happy birthday on there. you just seem like that type. i will never ever ever wish you a happy birthday on facebook.

My posters are more distinguishing. The posts that tend to get the most likes, in otder:

  1. Big life event such as engagement, wedding, baby
  2. Photo of me with wife
  3. Photo of me
  4. Photo of food
  5. The puns that are actually funny (~5%, +/- 20%)