Lol. I’m a pretty excellent shot, especially with a shotgun (skeet), but don’t own any firearms. The single time we were truly concerned about a situation we just made sure doors were locked and watched Netflix in the basement for a few hours. Neighbors be mething, and not just this one.

sold to their Vietnamese neighbor?

I will moderate my response here, sir; this is unnecessary.

Is “bamboo” still a thing or did that die in the transition from AO?

on this board, you plant it on your own side of the fence (that you paid for yourself).


Yeah I care more about the dogs than the kids.

I have a friend of a friend who was constantly on meth and had 2 old dogs. I felt so bad for the dogs.

Just thought to myself, “I’m being silly, I haven’t heard the dogs in hours”, and they started up again. Less than 1 minute ago.

We have a dog-barking situation on my street, barking at night. Wife called animal services, or whatever it’s called. barking stopped. No meth or pot, though. Might be guns.

what might? the owner shot the dogs?

I’m referring to my neighbor’s barking dog situation. Nothing else.

What do you hope the result will be? Do you want to stop the drugs barking? Do you want to get the kids taken from their parents? Do you want to be on record as having called the police after the place is actually raided?

Must be one I haven’t heard of yet, @John.S.Mill?

That’s an apropos typo. :slight_smile:

I cackled at the typo.

PRIMARILY I would love the dogs to be taken to an appropriate shelter. They are mistreated. We have robust places around here that I’ve volunteered for, they treat animals well.

The kids are a sticky situation, but I don’t have clear evidence they are abused, it just seems that way from how the parents act and context clues. I’m familiar with child abuse and see red flags of neglect. I would not step in if that suspicion was the sole reason.

In that case, call your local shelter, or ASPCA, or whoever deals with abused animal cases in your area, and tell them.


Perhaps that is best at least for a first step. I have never called animal control and only 1x have called CPS in an egregious situation. This is a middle ground. Probably the shelter can at minimum direct me appropriately.

I wonder if the dogs are used in fighting. That sort of fits.

Red flags are a reason to call CPS. There should be an anonymous hotline. A welfare check would be done & CPS would at least be aware of any issues.

I was thinking it sounds like a dog breeder. One who probably isn’t following the rules about caring for the dogs.

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oh no, I hope not. That’ll be sad

I doubt there is dog-fighting involved. They are assholes but I would ruin their lives if they did. We live very rurally and I think they are just strung-out druggies that don’t take care.

Regarding child abuse - I don’t think they physically hit their children, but they definitely are verbally abusive. Somebody who talks to their adult neighbor in front of their child like they’ve talked to me, they definitely unleash on their kids.

Edit: Lots of f-ck and f-ggot, aggressive anger, etc. in front of their kids. And I have seen them yell at the kids before.