Years ago, suburban subdivision neighbors refused to mow the lawn (and an offered mower) and had very frequent suspicious-looking visitors day and night. We ignored it as much as possible. We were sorry that we didn’t report some apparently illegal activity when the cops showed up looking for them just after they suddenly moved (with no apparent warning). We spent an inordinate amount of time trying to answer cops’ questions about everything we knew about the alleged drug-distribution center next door.

Yes, call the cops. They are lowering your property value.

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This is the way.


it wouldn’t be out of line to call and ask for a wellness check on both the kids and the dogs. “I smell odd smells coming from the garage, and since the dogs are barking all the time, I can’t imagine that the kids are getting necessary rest.”

If the cops don’t do anything this time, at least there will be a record that you’ve been calling every 3 months for the next 2 years when the local news station asks the logical follow-up questions of Why didn’t the cops do something? after the inevitable bust.

Definitely not a Karen move.


Around here, that many dogs would be a municipal affair. The local government would send out a bylaw officer and shut them down re: the dogs. They’ve done it before around here, when people were raising dogs in kennels beyond the limit of 4 dogs. And while I’m very reluctant to call the po-po on anyone, for dog noise? Yeah, I would if it was ongoing.
The weed, eh, I’ve got family that grows weed illegally. They’ve got an old manure pile from when they used to have beef. He plants a dozen plants every year. My kids get like .46 kg. They call it poo-weed.

More seriously, I’m told that the smell can be a problem, particularly when it’s in bloom or something. A few of my neighbours grow it, but I’ve never noticed any smells. But I know there’s someone locally who’s got a medical marijuana license which lets them grow like 50 plants…and apparnetly they do exactly that in their garden. Drives the neighbours to distraction.

Years ago, a part of the yard in back of the house would not grow anything. Neighbors, told by the (former) owners that they were leaving town on vacation, had called the cops when they noticed the front door was open. Cops discovered a backyard marijuana garden, sprayed it with Roundup.

We had this issue growing up. Neighbor had way too many dogs and they were constantly barking and running around. Cops didn’t do a whole lot. My parents ended up calling animal control instead. They came out and took care of the problem. A few years later, same thing happened and again animal control took care of the issue. A few years later the same issue. Again animal control came out but this time with cops. They ended up being arrested and charged with many animal abuse charges.


Agreed, you wouldn’t be a Karen, more like a Jennifer

400 ft is only far if you’re the New York Jets - for everyone else it’s far enough to be annoying

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Addressing a few things.

  1. I don’t care about the weed in particular, but the amount they have with children in the house is concerning.

  2. We are in a fairly rural / somewhat suburban area.

  3. I never know how many dogs they have because it keeps changing. I’ll need to check if there is a maximum amount in my township. I know it’s been as low as 6 and as high as 14.

  4. They are complete dicks, and I suspect on more drugs than just cannabis, and have loaded guns around. I have approached to return their lost dogs, they seem strung out. I’m not going to aggravate them.

  5. They leave trash everywhere, which is how I randomly found out they are in collections via blown credit card statements.

I am very “live and let live” but this is ridiculous and daily.

But… what happens to the extra dogs?!

I believe they sell and/or adopt them out. I don’t know. I don’t think they’re killing them.

why? people have alcohol with children around. why weed in particular is concerning?

They are not letting you live. This phrase assumes that everyone agrees with it.

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That’s a rather tender subject. Another slice, anyone?

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This sounds a bit crazy

I need to use some tact here.

I use cannabis. Frequently. And I believe it’s healthier than alcohol but not healthy.

I wouldn’t flinch if somebody brewed 60 bottles of beer at home. I wouldn’t flinch if somebody had a couple of weed plants.

They have a full-scale operation in their garage. I am quite certain it doesn’t comply to any laws, and certainly did not while cannabis was fully illegal in my state.

Tack this onto the other assholery they have demonstrated to me, it’s just one more data point.

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I would just like to call myself out on my clear preference for dogs over children before someone else does.

Unfortunately for the dogs, if we were talking cats, I would already be over there rescuing them all.

And I hope you also have firearms in your house, McCoy. Or is it Hatfield?

I think the type of people who are illegally growing loads of weed plants are certainly not the sort I’d be rushing to live next to.