Neighbors ~ 400 feet away have something like 7-13 dogs, it depends on the day.

I have looked up township ordinances and they are in violation.

I have called cops on them one time (non-emergency) when dogs were barking around midnight, and their neighbors have a newborn but are scared of them (loaded guns laying around, illegally growing weed, who knows what else.) I have also caught their loose dogs before and returned them.

Do I call the city? The cops? Am I being a Karen? It’s constant, for most of the day every day.

I’m not sure how “illegally growing weed” adds to them being bad people somehow.

other than that, ya, call the cops on them.

It’ll become background noise eventually. Kind of like the sound of a city train as it whizzes by your apartment.

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Well, they’ve children ages 6 and 8 and at least their entire garage is a grow op. They also… I don’t want to say clearly abuse their children, but if I were a betting person would put a lot of money on it. They surely don’t treat them well.

Or the sound of your upstairs neighbor’s kid playing the piano

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I still think “growing weed” is irrelevant to this entire issue. If they were brewing beer would you say the same thing?

yeah, if they abuse their kids that’s an issue.

What they are doing is illegal in my state, and federally. They’re also just assholes.

For the record I have considered growing a couple plants of my own. However their house reeks even from the street. Regardless, that is a side gripe to the barking and the suspicion of child abuse or at least neglect.

that’s worthy of the death penalty (for the parent, not the kid)

It’s legal in my state, but I think that you probably need a license to grow it to that extent, so possibly a dickish move. why not also report them for growing weed in addition to the dogs?

It certainly wouldn’t smell as much I’d think if you were brewing beer versus growing weed

What do you do about all the other noises you hear from the city?

It would just become a city smell imo

Not a Karen, I’d definitely call the city.

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yeah, i agree, not a karen. if it’s annoying you then you should complain. it’s reasonable.

Well is this an urban city or more of a suburb? Suburbs aren’t really meant to have smells or noises (aside from the occasional gardener or school bus).

I said that before he said that he could smell it from the street. That’s probably worthy of reporting.

I just didn’t think growing weed was necessarily any indication of what kind of person someone is unless it impinges on your quality of life. sounds like it does.

400 ft is pretty far… neighbors gonna be annoying sometimes, hard to change them.

calling cops on people doesnt help much. Best case you catch them on some ordinance and get them fined and they hate you forever. But they are not going to change and you still are gonna be annoyed, but now you are openly fighting.

best I have done with PITA neighbor is to talk to them. calm down first and then actually try to talk to them.

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none of the other noises are as annoying and intrusive as what i hear from my neighbors.

The SPCA should be the ones with authority with respect to the dogs I think. (Or just Animal Control?)

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the sheer amount of dogs may actually warrant some intervention. I cannot believe that they are providing good living conditions for 10+ dogs.

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The fact that its 24/7 is a problem. There are a bunch of yappy dogs a few doors down who are out barking sometimes and when they are there the dogs in here go out too and they have lots of barking conversations. Its cute. It doesn’t last that long though. 24/7 and id be karening too