Anything coming out of your body is satisfying?

I’m getting Domino’s next week because it’s 50% off!!! :yum:

Gonna have some bean dip tomorrow. This could lead to some interesting adventures after that’s done.

Beans are a staple in my household. We have a bean-based dinner once or twice a week. Last week we had chili one night and moong dahl another night. Yum.

Chili cheese dog with raw onions for lunch today. It’s hard to think of much more that screams “One big stinky ol’ breath and shit” than that.

Have you ever sneezed and coughed at the same time? That’s not particularly pleasant. Separately they can be satisfying (although there are plenty of times I wish coughing wasn’t an imperative), but together, I wish that all had stayed in for a while longer.

I’m not a huge fan of sneezing, I’m used to sneezes hurting quite a bit :grimacing:

If a cough results in something coming up, great. That’s helpful.

Dry coughs, no thank you.

The chili cheese dog made its way out, and it was about as explosive as one might expect.

Hot wings today. Hopefully not hot wings tomorrow.

Pastrami made its way out in a really big way today.

Daggett, for what purpose? Enough of this.

Do you know you can mute a topic? Go to the bottom of the page, and click on the little bell icon that’s says “tracking” and change it to say “muted”.

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Sure, and I might. But I recall there being posts on AO Political that can be broadly classified as “soul of the board/is AO Political shit?”

This thread is feeling to me like an early battleground for the soul of the GoA Political Topics board. Are we going to be the literal shit board or the board that discusses politics?

Hey, did you ever go back and try to face The Great Mighty Poo? IIRC, he’s one of the first bosses, if not the very first.

Interesting point. This topic doesn’t belong in political. Maybe in fitness? Or general? Or the lounge?

Moved to fitness. Let me know if you prefer some other place. Despite the op’s preamble, i don’t think it was in political on the ao, and even if it was, that’s not where it belongs.

Sorry Daggett, I definitely Karen’d your board out of Politics. But you can discuss poop here just as well.

Hey, it’s something that (some) people like to talk about.

There was a social group back in the AO where we had poop related discussion. I think it was invite only.

Clearly we’ve decided there is no fun to be had on this board, and this will suffer the same fate that AO Careers and AO Political suffered.