Anything coming out of your body is satisfying?

That feeling when you want to keep laying in bed, but what gets you up is the race to the bathroom because you have to go pee.

Eh, there are situations where it might be a relief to see the blood, but it’s absolutely not satisfying coming out. I’d say it ranges from painful cramping through “ooops, didn’t notice”.

I’m eating a pretty big salad for lunch. I’m kind of wondering what impact the fiber will have on me.

Puncturing a blood blister.

I don’t know what it is, but it seems like anytime I eat Jimmy John’s, I have to poop minutes later.

I don’t know what it is lately, but I’ve had a few grunters. I thought I was getting enough fibre and water. Mebbe I need to get back to regular exercise too. :man_shrugging:

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The Jimmy John’s seems to have had ripple effects today. We’ll have to see what the downstream impacts are to this tomorrow.

Is this a prostate thing? I don’t get it.

I doubt it. You don’t feel good after a nice poop? It’s expelling material from your body that’s been under pressure. It feels like such a relief to push it all out.

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No, not even close. But, I also frequently get stomach aches after I eat (symptom of not having a gallbladder, and I have a sugar and lactose sensitivity, but since I’ve been doing low carb I haven’t had any stomach aches), so my trips to the bathroom are usually painful.

Nothing, literally nothing, more satisfying than popping a ripe pimple or squeezing a giant blackhead.

I think you might be in the minority on this one. There was a line from Conker’s Bad Fur Day for the Nintendo 64 where one of the characters said “Ahhh, nothing quite like a good shit”

I’ve never had a female friend tell me they enjoy this activity. Maybe that’s just because we don’t talk about shit, but it had never occurred to me that one would consider this an enjoyable activity until I had a son who got erections whenever he strained over a bm.

haha…I’d have to think back but is that during the fight with The Great Mighty Poo?

Anyway, as a haver of Crohn’s Disease, I can tell you that not all poops are satisfying. No, not at all.

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I think Mark Twain had something to say about that.

Whups, another of those things that is attributed to Twain, but said by someone else:

Nothing is so overrated as sex and so underrated as a good bowel movement .” Dr. Ted Loftness .

I’d forgotten about the Great Mighty Poo! I had to go back and watch the battle again. No, I think this is later in the game where there are two guards guarding a toll bridge, and one of them is taking a shit in the bushes at the start of the scene.

Thanks, now in that deep voice, I’ve got STUCK in my head:

I… am… the Great Mighty Poo,
And I’m going to throw my shit at you

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Just expelled my pizza from yesterday.