Anything coming out of your body is satisfying?

This was a topic that was started by HappySkunk on the old AO Political, but had remained dormant for a few years. I’m curious if we can reboot it a little.

I generally do not feel particularly satisfied if blood is coming out of my body.

I don’t recall blood ever being mentioned, but this is a really good point; I can’t think of a way that would be satisfying.

Blood comes out of my body usually when I’m donating…

…as I usually donate plasma, the red blood cells come back. I’m AB+, and it feels pretty good to be the universal donor for plasma (yeah, my red blood cells, not so much)

Oh, and it used to feel really weird to do plasma (or platelet) donations, because the red blood cells would come back a little cool, and you could totally feel that.

The current systems keeps the blood fairly warm, and I actually have to look to make sure if it’s going out or coming back.

Finally, most blood banks are having a tough time with supply right now: please donate!

In NY, it’s the NY Blood Center:

Early on in the pandemic, I did a regular whole blood donation, because that’s the fastest one, and I didn’t have to worry about exposure as much. But I’ve gone back to doing plasma again (I have to tell them that no, I haven’t had COVID – I got a free COVID antibody test one month because they were so desperate to get more convalescent plasma donors).

Can’t donate blood cuz gay

I have donated blood a fair amount, but go long periods where I don’t donate because of travel. They didn’t want my blood in late 19 and 2020 but I can donate again now. I’ll start again once I get my vaccinations.

voluntary vs involuntary

donating blood good, bleeding bad
blowing nose good, runny nose bad
pooping good, diarrhea bad
peeing good, bladder leak bad
exercise sweat good, uncontrollable sweating bad
vomit good if clearing system, bad if retching

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Yes, intentional expulsion feels really really good, whatever it is.


A good sneeze works wonders for me!!

We used to have a gif of a huge pimple that got popped, with its pus spewing out everywhere.

What about botfly larvae?

I love pooping. It’s one of my favorite things to do. As I get older it keeps getting more favorable as well.

I don’t like puking, runny nose, bleeding, or ear wax.

Build up unpleasant, removal satisfying


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I did a lot of math and could not decide if the buildup was the coming out part or the removal was the coming out part?

Pooping is one of my favorite things to do, as well, but other than bleeding, those other things mentioned all give me a relief feeling when they’re expelled from me.

One of the worst feelings is to finish pooping and not be satisfied - but know that you are going to be back in there in a few minutes.

In general, though, pooping is nice.

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Carbon dioxide. :+1:

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