Anything coming out of your body is satisfying?

That’s what I miss the most about a nice, big, fatty Chinese buffet right now. The car drive home sometimes feels like it’s a race against time vs. your large intestine.

I think the “after a Chinese buffet” part could probably be merged with the “How to heal” thread

I had spicy Chinese last night, and that was absolutely satisfying coming out this morning.

On Passover, which is occurring now, Jews eat matzah, unleavened bread. It leads to constipation. I eat prunes and dates to counter the effect. I am glad to see :poop: coming out if my body during Passover.

Is Passover-friendly Coke still available? That can be really hard to find.

I don’t look for it specifically, but probably very dependent on where you live

It is, only few select grocery stores carry it around here, with most being far from me.

That’s just the sugar version, right? You might have better luck finding it in Latino markets as mexican coke.

I frequent the local Sichuan place. And I can’t decide if it feels better on the way in, or the way out.

It’s more expensive and in more limited quantities, is the thing. What I’ve seen is 2-liters for Passover. I’m wanting to say I’ve seen cans at some point a few years ago, too, but that might only have been Pepsi, I can’t remember for sure.

Kidney stone? I guess it’s satisfying to be over the pain once it comes out

I’m pooping right now, and it feels wonderful. It’s as if what was ailing me is being expelled from within me.

TIL, passover is a lot more lit than I thought

I can think of at least one reason that bleeding could give a relief feeling.

I’ve had blood in my poop that I’ve felt relieved after expelling, but if we’re just talking about straight-up bleeding, I’ve not felt it.

Laser beams coming out of my eyes would be cool!!!

I’m going to use this observation to update my beliefs and bet I’d have a better than 50/50 chance a posteriori of guessing your gender/sex correctly.

Everybody Poops

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Bloodletting is very therapeutic, not sure what you all are on about.

When I go donate plasma, usually there is at least one person with hemochromatosis there to get bled. I asked the staff what they did with the donations from those folks – they said it was used for research, even if they couldn’t use it for therapeutic purposes.