Annoyed Thoughts--Other Drivers Edition

Maybe you could set up a slightly frowning scarecrow in your front yard with electronic eyes that track her car.


Minor gripe: in stop and go traffic, I let in a super passive driver. She then proceeded to drive about a foot or two to the right of where she was supposed to be for the next mile, giving me an annoyingly asymmetric site.

And more of an “other cyclists” edition, but had two people in front of me on the bike path this morning riding side by side to block the entire thing instead of staying in their lane, but slightly staggered so it’s not like they were chatting or anything semi-justifiable. Then he was slow to get over when I called out before passing.

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There’s a trend in Canada, car insurance fraud. Set up an accident, then hope for the big personal injury payout. My mom has someone try and trap her into this years ago.

Relevant, because a farmer we know just got to enjoy that experience. He’s driving the three story high tractor down the road, and a guy oncoming in a minivan drives right into the side of him. And as soon as the driver stops, he calls 911 and tells them that he’s critically injured. Then proceeds to get out of the vehicle and walk around. They brought in an air ambulance for some guy who didn’t need it.

Cops confirmed in their opinion the guy was looking for a payout. More likely he’s going to get charged with something and have insurance premiums high enough to reach the.moon.


I get to a 3way stop at about the same time as another driver. Being the soowahv, deboner, and sophistimicated feller that I am, I wave to the other driver to make her turn. Shes goes ahead and just looks at me the whole time. No wave, no head nod, no nuthin’.

This is NOT the way to earn a place in my heart and be immortalized in the Insignificant Signals thread. :unamused:

Insignificant signal?

Edit: Oh, you mentioned that. I guessed it’s better than not being looked at the whole time.

Nope. Just flat, with a touch of hostility. It did NOT warm the cockles of my heart.

At the grocery store, boomer driving a red Corvette with license plate “HOT VET” pulls in and parks in the painted off area between two (at least empty) handicap spots.

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Was it your right-of-way? Because it is definitely irritating when people have the right-of-way and refuse to go.

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We go to the intersection at the exact same time and she was on my right.

Still gonna be the swave and deboner feller tho.

Costco sucks for so many reasons, but the one I go to also sucks for their parking lot entrance/exits. It’s way too damn busy, they’re built on curves so you can’t really see cars approaching, and the kids these days drive their cars way too damn fast in order to safely make a left hand turn out of the parking lot, so I planned on turning right & taking the long way around.

Well, as I got to the exit of the parking lot, I saw that across from me was a dude exiting the hospital parking lot turning to his left (across the street (which was across from me)). He, of course, had to wait for both directions to clear before making a move & he most likely had most likely been waiting there for a long time. Well, the traffic coming from my left going to the right was just about to clear & I noticed that, also, the traffic coming from his left going to his right was also about to clear, so he finally had an opening to get the hell out of there. I waited & waved him through. He gave me a thank you wave. I had all the feels about making someone’s day just a little bit better & annoyed that costco doesn’t do a damn thing to fix the mess they made.


Her right of way; she should have gone with or without your wave. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Ahem I have feelings, needs and emotions tooooo. :cry:

Uh, don’t you have a girlfriend? You don’t need validation from other women. (This is Annoyed Thoughts, not Insignificant Signals, right?)

But I like insignificant signals. :cry:

You lost that deal.


So you’re saying she didn’t signal.

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:broken_heart: :unamused:

I’m on a busy road (rush hour) with a left turn lane, 2 lanes northbound, and a right turn lane with an entrance to a shopping plaza. Teenage kid slows down in lane 1, crosses lane 2 (my lane) and the right turn lane to go into the plaza. :roll_eyes: :meep:

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Driving home from work today. Coming up on a green stoplight at a three-way intersection (other street comes in from the left). Two cars in front of me, going maybe 20mph. On my side there is one lane that goes straight and a separate left-turn lane. After the stoplight we get 2 lanes our direction.

Dumbass#1 in a little white Toyota wants to get into the left of those two lanes, so he veers into the left-turn lane, planning on going straight into that left straight lane. Supposed to wait until after the light but whatever. Usually no big deal. But…

Here comes Dumbass#2 in a beat-up Dodge Ram truck, I guess running his red light (it might have just turned from yellow to red). #1 sees him too late, tries to veer out of the way but too late. Truck sideswipes front left side of the little car with his right-rear bumper.

Luckily I had plenty of room and didn’t get involved in the fracas. Stay safe out there people.


Lady cop parked in the lane in front of a restaurant for a good 20 minutes. When she came outta sbux, she talked to another lady and hopped in the cruiser and left. :unamused:

Didn’t even glance my way once. Why the **** do I even bother paying my taxes??? :broken_heart:

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