Annoyed Thoughts--Other Drivers Edition

I’m sure we all have annoyed thoughts about other drivers.

So much so, that it may warrant its own thread.

So here goes.

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If you can’t park it, don’t drive it!

I see so many people with these big, huge pickups and SUVs who can’t seem to manage parking w/in the lines or taking 5 minutes of navigation in order to settle in. I’ve seen battleships come to berth quicker.

So, again, if you can’t park it, don’t drive it.


People who consistently drive on the lines.

I get it if you’re in driver’s training, but no excuse for 50-year-old Karen to be constantly on the divider or the right-hand line, it just tells me to keep a lot of distance from you.

I’m kind of bothered by the fact that I got my driver’s license in 19XX, and have never had to take a driving test since. Not even after moving to two other states. It’s just “oh, you have a driver’s license? Cool, here’s your new one.”

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In Arizona once you turn 21 they give you a driver’s license that’s good until you’re 65. (Or at least they used to.)

I didn’t believe my friend who moved down there. She whipped out her license that expired in 2046 to prove it to me. This was in 2009 or so.

Yup - mine expires in 2044

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Do they annual fees or something? In NJ, our licenses “expire” but only if we don’t renew it by paying a fee.

Also, I think every so many years we have to go get a new picture taken. Not sure though.

I think photos every 5 or 10 years should be mandatory. People can change a lot over the years.

Annoyed thought: when people are making a left turn and do not get over to the left side of the lane as far as they can. Makes it so you can’t get around them. If it’s a busy road it sucks.

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Not for licenses. Car registration stuff yearly though - which reminds me - I need to take care of something…

Sometimes you’ve got to do that to be able to see oncoming traffic past the car turning left across the intersection.

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Tough. Just move out of my way.

That must all be baked into the vehicle registration. Remember this is the land of John McCain where they actually seem to believe in small government.

The whole state has a single-digit number of counties. I want to say 7 or 8 but I’m too lazy to check.

Illinois has 102 and I don’t think they’re number 1 either… I just happen to recall that one without looking it up because it’s a line in The Music Man.

15 :+1:
Texas has 254 :eyes:

And only 2 or 3 that actually have much of a population.

People parked on the side of a 2 lane road by a polling station - and their cars are a good 1-2 feet into the lane!!! :roll_eyes:

ETA: On the way back home, now they’re parked on both sides of the beepin’ road!!! :unamused:

People who see the line to turn left, decide to stay out of line where it’s moving, then try to cut back in right at the light. Fuck those people. I don’t like my car, you try that, I’ll drive into you out of spite, mother fuckers.


Oh man… I was off by a factor of 2. Still, 15 is low.

I knew 102 wasn’t the most per state… I can just hear Harry Hickox saying “That guy’s got a gal in every county in Illinois and that’s a hundred and two counties!”

And I was curious so I looked it up to see if 102 counties was right… and it was. And I looked it up to see if that was the most of any state and it wasn’t.

Kinda surprised that Texas has so many. I thought they were into small government too. Isn’t their legislature hardly ever in session?

I’m confused, you want to pass sometime on the left who is trying to make a left hand turn?

I’ve always linked small govt with local govt, so smaller counties would make some sense.

I guess I was thinking that fewer counties meant fewer County Commissioners and County Sheriffs and so on and so forth.