2024 NFL Football Thread

It worked so well last year…

Two Thursdays in two months! And neither are the first one, and both follow a Sunday game.
Oh, and they play overseas in there too. Not prime time, unless you’re in Tokyo, but still a Nationally shown game.

Goff is smarter than I give him credit for: still not married to his “fiancée”, but got paid the big bucks, so she can’t love him and leave him and take the dough.

Yay, the Bears have a home game on my Bday! Oh, it’s in London…

You should go

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I’d go with you Papasmurf, except that my work schedule won’t allow it.

So they went to a 17 game season a few years ago by reducing the preseason games to only 3 from 4, but now they have added back a 4th preseason game so the season goes up to 21 preseason and regular season games. Do I have that right?

I appreciate that. Unfortunately my 1 and 3 year old won’t allow it.

There are still 3 preseason games. The Bears play the Texans in the Hall of Fame game this year, which is like having an extra preseason game.

Yes, exactly.

From the Wikipedia:

Since the Hall of Fame Game and the Hall of Fame induction ceremony are scheduled for the weekend before the normal NFL preseason season starts, both teams end up playing an additional exhibition game compared to the remaining teams in the league

Tl;dr via chat gpt:

As the NFL shifts more games from broadcast to streaming, it risks potential antitrust issues. The Sports Broadcasting Act of 1961 lets the NFL sell TV rights as a group, which might not apply to streaming. Legal challenges could arise, particularly if traditional networks or consumers argue that the NFL misuses its exemption by not offering team-specific streaming deals. The NFL mitigates this by ensuring local markets can still view games over the air. Ultimately, the league may need Congress to expand its exemption or face a lawsuit to address the streaming era’s legal landscape.

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Noooooo!!! :sob:

Bears, top pick Caleb Williams set for HBO’s ‘Hard Knocks’ - ESPN

“I don’t want to know how poorly they are run, and how bad the culture is!!”

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The burning question is: does he know which way the sun rises?
Jeff Goff apparently did not, when asked by a teammate on “Hard Knocks.”

Trick question! The sun never rises!

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Obi-Wan: Well, from a particular point of view…

Wooooohoooooo!! I for one love a good train wreck.

MIN lock up Justin Jefferson.

Taking $88M up front. That is how you do it.

the reviews by the contract folks I read on twitter say it is a legit deal, no fake funny money at the back. i think jason_OTC said it is even more a step up than it appears bc it is all real. he also noted that JJ has no comps - he is clearly the best and this figure is like a ceiling for others for a little bit now


CMC gets two-year extension at $19M per.

Also, can we stop saying that every significant signing deal “resets the (insert NFL position here) market”?

Would prefer - establishes a new benchmark?

Cuz they are going to assign some catch phrase whether you like it or not.