2024 NFL Football Thread

Yup, last year same as the one before.

So what about 2024? And i really mean it this time.
Guessing there is a way too soon power ranking at S-PEN.
Draft in a few months. Yay.

So, when does Fields get traded to the dirty birds?

Obligatory note: NFL = National Football League, so adding “Football” after “NFL” is redundant.

I think it could happen depending on price. 2nd round pick? Likely ATL would pull the trigger, and even more likely if ATL has 2 second round picks available (They will if JAX re-signs Ridley).

If CHI wants their 1st round pick as some have alleged, I don’t see that happening as a straight trade.

Never underestimate Ryan Pace!

Maybe he’s clarifying “football”…like this isn’t the thread to discuss College football, or the new mashup XFL/USFL Football. Find another thread for those types of football discussion.

I’m just proud he got the year right this time


I do it every year, out of tradition, and also because that is how it looks on the TV schedule, which I find humorous enough to copy here.

As promised, the way too early, which was published on 2/11, 11:20PM EST

Meh. Written at least two days before the Super Bowl. Possibly two weeks. With as much knowledge about the upcoming season as anyone already knows. The UNKNOWN part is most important, but it’s hard to write about that.

Raiders need to start preparing for the personal fouls that will be slapped on them:

Don’t go bruising the face of the NFL!

Also, why did they not do this versus every team, and winning every game?? I get it, interim-now-permanent coach for final few weeks, so I expect more from Da Raida’s next year with this new (old, actually) attitude. Just win and knock down the QB, baby!

TIL: Russell Wilson is 35 years old. No wonder he’s slowed down.

Uh, OK, Russ. Fun fact: your contract is screwing any chance for DEN to win anytime soon. Because you need da money and NOT the Championship.

Poles says that if da Bears do want to draft a QB at #1 “he doesn’t think it would be right not to trade Justin Fields before free agency begins.”


Negotiating for free agents starts 3/11.

Oh, and DEN will make a decision as soon as they check out the QBs at the combine and that they might draft.

So, who wants a too-old and now too-small QB who also costs a shit-ton? No one? I thought so.

He won’t cost a shit ton. He will get his $39m for this year. Some team may get him for under $10m for next season, maybe even under $5m. Depending on draft, Fields, Cousins and Mayfield, there are a bunch of places he could go, including a team drafting a QB. Washington, NE, Chicago, Pitt, Atl, LAR, both NY teams are all potentials. A hedge in Baltimore or Miami for injury or Min/TB if they lose starter.

Wilson will end up potentially somewhere decent for next year for next to nothing.

He will sign for vet min bc the broncos get the balance betweeb that and 39m. Signing for 5 or 10 only helps the Broncos - why would he do that?

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Agree in that if he signs a one year deal it will be for the vet minimum. He’ll get paid the same amount regardless. However he is still incented to get a multiyear deal if he finds a willing partner.

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I didn’t look up the minimum for his years. Thought it was high. Sue me for missing the amount. Point is that he is super affordable and will definitely have a job. Rereading post, outside the specific number highlighted, it looks like that was the point which was in contrast to the previous point that who would want him. He will be in demand.

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I do think he’ll try to get a multi year deal, and in that case it won’t be for the minimum. Will he get it? Probably., depending on what he’s asking for.

no suit needed. yeah, vet min is like $1.2M or so.

his contract will be very clear - $1.2M for the 2024 season.

I’m not sure he would want multi year. he should want a year to get it right and hit the market again for a real multiyear without the weird hangover of the denver stuff. i doubt he will get $20M guaranteed in yr 2 or more.

He could sign a multi-year with nothing guaranteed after Year 1. He’ll want that juicy signing bonus.

Need a poll:

  1. Out of the league for 2024?
  2. Back-up on a contender?
  3. Starter for a losing team that’s waiting another year to draft a QB, needs a better draft position, and Wilson can deliver that.

For #2: 49ers.
For #3: Bears?