2024 NFL Football Thread

That’s at least somewhat more accurate. The player who is clearly the best in the league at his position getting a huge deal doesn’t necessarily affect the price of the average, run of the mill player at the same position. So it’s not really resetting the market.

What will happen is when JJ is no longer the best WR in the league but making the most at WR, the new best WR is going to want an upgrade.

When that happens the next WR will get paid or he won’t and then he will hold out or he won’t. :person_shrugging:

I think JJ is something of special case from a historical perspective in YPG in the first 3 or 4 years which will clearly drop of at some point as he ages. but how that effect the overall WR market remains to be seen.

CMC also sets a benchmark for signing only two years instead of, say, five or so. RB position just does not justify that.

Again, I’Il bring up my solution to this, which is to offer one- (or two-) year extensions every year to the players that deserve them. Probably not as important in NFL Football, since contracts can be torn up at any time, buy it out and take the cap hit.

The two year extension is for the 26 & 27 season so kind of a 4 year deal.

Congressional Republicans today claimed that SF was weaponizing the RB position with this contact.

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Dam* straight they are. CMC is most definitely an offensive weapon.

…at the position that is the most disposable in the league.

The position, yes. The man? No.
Try to find me a NFL DC who isn’t worried about CMC that actually has to play against SF this year.

The one that picks up the injury report on his SF 49er opponents of the upcoming week and reads: CMC Out, Knee

He’s great. Don’t get me worng.
But RB’s are injury prone and too unreliably available to really build an offense around, hence not usually worth the big bucks

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Yeah he’s incredible. But he’s 28, has 8 years of NFL mileage and wasn’t exactly a model of durability with the Panthers. Maybe he bucks the NFL trend and continues to be Uber productive in his late 20s and early 30s but that’s a lot of cap space to commit to one of the most injury prone positions in the NFL.

I mean maybe it works out spectacularly for SF over the next 4 years, but maybe he declines like many RBs his age. Time will tell.

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100% agree with YT.

I recall the 80’s when every great team had a star RB that was the cornerstone of the team, like Walter Payton, Roger Craig, Eric Dickerson, John Riggins, etc. I think that because of the hard salary cap and the rules shift that favor the passing game, those days are over.

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He is a great NFL football player now. He won’t be a great NFL football player forever. A smart GM should know this.
That is why you don’t go too far out into the future on RBs. This seems about right for CMcC, and just about no other RB in the NFL League. It is because he goes above and beyond the average RB who is expected to run or receive a screen and earn 4 yards per play.

The downside is that every other player on SF will receive a little less pay than they otherwise would if CMcC were not on the team. And there are 31 other NFL Football teams without CMcC. Players’ agents will do the math.

Honestly, to me this is the most interesting facet of being a fan of the NFL. The real stars of the team don’t wear helmets. The real stars of the team work spreadsheets to maximize the aggregate talent of the 53 man roster. You have to appease the egos of the high valued players, but you also have to build out the bottom half of the roster with quality, too. You have to balance the team to reach your objectives, and those objectives may vary by team. Maybe you build a strong defense and hope an ordinary offense can score enough so you can win a dozen or more low scoring games. Maybe you invest in offensive talent and build a team that can score 35 points a game and just hope a mediocre defense can hold opponents to 34 or fewer.

QBs are the most important player. There are not a lot of counterarguments to that. It helps to be able to underpay a QB, either because he outplays his rookie contract or because he was willing to take less than market value like TB12 did. (It helps to make side millions on endorsement deals and it helps to have a wife that out-earns your NFL deal on her gig). It seems like every time TB took 10M less than his market rate, he went out and won a ring, and rolled up another 25M in endorsement deals, so it actually worked out great in the end.

I don’t think y’all are getting the point here.

CMcC RESET the RB market!!!

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And… now he’ll be on IR before training camp is even finished. Bad decision for the 7^2ers

49ers’ Christian McCaffrey to be Madden NFL 25 cover athlete - ESPN

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Aaron Rodgers, January 8:

  • Might or might not be RFK Jr.'s pick for vice-president.
  • Spends almost 2 1/2 hours in an interview with Tucker Carlson bleating all kinds of crap.
  • Backtracks off the 1/8 comment, says “those are offseason things, … Once the season starts, it’s all about football.”
  • Confirmed “the Bobby thing was a real thing” in the above remark.
  • Unexcused no-show from the first day of mandatory minicamp for an event that is “very important to him.”
  • Now going to miss the entire minicamp.

I’m going to be not surprised at all if he doesn’t show up for training camp.

“the bullshit that has nothing to do with winning”

We all aspire to have the same level of job security that Rodger’s has with the Jets.

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I assume the event that is “very important to him” is his annual Darkness Retreat