2024 NFL Football Thread

Nflbite is a little sketchy but uh they are my friend with streaming

Eh, neighbors, friends, etc.
My fantasy football group gets together a few times a year to watch and to trash others’ teams. I’ll probably host one though I do not have any package. Just YouTubeTV.

I won’t be adding any additional channels to watch NFL myself. I mostly care about the home team, which is almost always on regular TV. When it’s not, I already have ESPN, Amazon Prime, and NFL network. That’s plenty of live football, so I’m not adding Netflix or Peacock. Never had any desire for the big bill for Sunday Ticket

In my area an antenna works fine for the regular network games. Obviously YMMV.

Nope, I cannot get a signal where I live. I have hills (which you might call “mountains”) between me and the sending antennae.

YouTubeTV works fine, and allows split screen for simultaneous games on different OTA channels. The guys prefer the Red Zone, which I won’t have.

The rumor is that the Bears refuse to do it and they even have Virginia McCaskey call the commissioner to tell him “We are not doing it!” and the commish won’t overrule the oldest owner in the league.

I had it for a couple of years. I felt I had to watch football all day on Sundays to get the value out of the spend. Then at the end of the season I just felt like I wasted 17 consecutive Sundays, and I felt awful about it.


Why do you hate football?!?!

Hopefully legible

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oh boy oh boy oh boi oh boi!!!


Chiefs kicker Harrison Butthead giving them some Bad Blood this Cruel Summer … :grimacing::joy:

All that appealing to women via TS shot to hell :melting_face:

I love football. I hate feeling like a sloth.

How many hours of NFL football watching is enough for you in an entire NFL season including playoffs? I just discovered that 200+ hours was too much. I think 80 to 100 is about right for me.

I’m with you on this. For me, I’ll watch TNF if there’s nothing on or I’m invested in the team(s)…on Sunday I’ll throw a game on one TV and NFL Network on the other in our garage bar, and watch off and on as I do yardwork or other chores around the house (same thing on Saturdays with college ball). Then I’ll typically watch SNF and MNF.

I have to figure out what to do with my life Feb-Aug every year :joy:

Perhaps you could explain to us why football is so enjoyable to you? I mean most of us who have tapered back were once monopolizees.

This sounds so weird to me.

Why not make some NFL games pay-per-view instead of paying a subscription.

They would get some additional revenue for little cost.

This is my go to since my team is now two time zones away. Your right it is a bit sketchy but it does the job

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Nothing complicated. I was just raised right.

OK, “family tradition.”

Is it September yet?

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