2024 European Soccer Championships

Netherlands v Turkey was an excellent match!

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Should be good semis.

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Euro 2024: Cristiano Ronaldo hints no Portugal retirement - ESPN

No one in the Portugal soccer federation is going to be the one to tell him no, so his cleats will come off when someone pries them off his cold dead body. If Saudi Arabia hadn’t thrown however many tens of millions of dollars at him, he’d be playing in MLS right now. Which, once his contract is done in Saudi Arabia, I won’t be surprised to see him go to MLS knowing the league will pay a shitload of money and with MLS knowing it will make a shitload of money because fans will flock to see him like they’re flocking to see Messi.

Felix Zwayer is ref for England vs Netherlands. How does a guy previously punished for match fixing get to referee the semis?

Because it was 20 years ago?
And he learned his lesson?
And now he has become way better at hiding his bribes from officials?

You mean they are paid to his Cayman Islands account rather than his Swiss one?

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His punishment even 20 years ago seems extremely mild for match fixing. He didn’t even miss a full season with a 6 month suspension, and that wasn’t a true suspension as he was held out of matches for the same 6 months anyway as part of the match fixing investigation. He got promoted 2 years later.

His wikipedia page says -

He also refereed the 2024 UEFA Euro semifinals match between England and Netherlands on 10 July 2024.

I wonder who won?

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Only he knows.

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This is why there shouldn’t be two whole days of no soccer: stupid-ass writers discussing the apocalypse of the sport:

It raises the question: are tournaments only for winning and nothing else? No joy, no thrills, no adventure, no verve or sense of sweeping the opposition aside to bring win new admirers for the sport?"

Yes. It is not the players’ or teams’ jobs to entertain people who are not interested. the sport will live on regardless of who wins this match, you jackass. As in every sport, if one team is not better than the other, that team will have to find a strategy to win the game. Otherwise, forfeit? Wow, that would be exciting. Or, even better, a blowout win where the lesser team simply lets the better team score, and doesn’t even try. Jackass.

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I wish they’d coordinated the two tournaments better so there were less dead days. Perhaps have Copa finish a week before Euros. Or at least have the final on a Saturday. I’ve found that I haven’t watched as much of the Copa as I would like because I can only watch so much football in one day.

It’s why i wish i could use my TiVo with the 20%-faster live play.

Spain-France has been an absolute pleasure to watch so far and I expect that to continue!

Spoiler: Didn’t expect this would end 1-0 for France!

I am going to Spain tomorrow (flying to Bilbao) so will get to watch the Euro final at home.

Spain vs Netherlands would be an epic match. I can see that one getting super physical.

I hope Morata wasn’t injured post game

Big question is: was the jackass entertained?


Exciting ENG-NED match! But Spain will be tougher for the Rosbifs.


Going to have to be satisfied to watch your adopted country instead. England looked surprisingly good today and it was a dramatic finish. Spain will be tougher though.

Good that the match fixing ref didn’t play a role in outcome of Eng-Ned….not a penalty. His over 2 and Kane scores parlay hits.


Hopefully FIFA pays attention to how ticket pricing and attendance worked for this tourney