2024 European Soccer Championships

OK, first two matchdays (of eight or ten) of Qualifying happen this coming week and next.

Fox Sports is showing this. So, Fox, FS1, FS2, TelevisaUnivision

For Cooke: on DAZN, whatever that is.

I am considering going next year. A stay somewhere in the general area of Dusseldorf would provide convenient rail access to 4 sites: Dusseldorf, Gelsenkirchen, Dortmund, and Cologne.

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DAZN is an expensive sports streaming service that I refuse to buy because I already pay a lot for a bunch of cable sports stations. The frustrating part is that my Canadian cable stations had great soccer coverage up until DAZN took it over about two years ago.

I was pleasantly surprised to see FS1 showing Euro qualifying all day today.

Still thinking about this. In terms of convenience and quality I think the round of 16 might be a good target with 3 days of quality games in the same general area:
6/29 Dortmund
6/30 Cologne or Gelsenkirchen
7/1 Dusseldorf

Cologne and Dusseldorf are quite close, so those 2 days would be super convenient from the same base.

I registered with UEFA, but somehow didn’t get a notification before the lottery part closed. Maybe I screwed something up. I’m sure tickets will be pricier as a result. After the group stages are set there is another ticket sale so perhaps I get lucky then.

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Why the fuck is the UEFA President discussing which teams “need” to be in the Euro 2024 Finals or else it will be “a disaster”?

“Italy must qualify for Euro 2024, otherwise it will be a disaster,” Čeferin told Italian media outlet LaPresse. “The Italian national team is too important, but I think it will beat Ukraine.”

No it’s not. It has to win to qualify. End of story. A disaster for whom? You?? Certainly for the Italian National Team, but that’s not you, Just shut the fuck up already. I know who I’ll be rooting for now at least for tomorrow’s match. IU can root for Italy in the March Playoffs.
Why important? Or, more so, why is Ukraine NOT as important?

Why have these qualifiers anyway, when the UEFA President prefers specific teams in the Finals? Shit, he could be bribing Referees if he feels so inclined.

Maybe his quote is taken out of context or mistranslated, though (maybe twice).


So he essentially said what the College Football committee deemed for leaving SEC out of playoff. Poor form, but expected.

This option is available again if any of you want to try

I applied for Cologne 6/30 and Dusseldorf 7/1.

Alright, we have the draw!!

My ticket application was not successful. No luck in the lottery process.

Summer 2024 is going to be jammed in Europe with the Euros and Olympics.

We are in Munich in July so am checking out if I can get one via a reseller like stubhub.

Rishi Sunak on his first day on the campaign trail for the upcoming July 4 UK election. He asked the staff at a Welsh brewery if they were looking forward to “all the football”.

Wales did not qualify.

Looks like there’s a rival thread. Backed by the Saudis?

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Since it was created by CS, I assume it is a Euro 2024 cycling thread with an intentionally ambiguous title

It isn’t/wasn’t?

CS has blood from money all over his hands!!

Anywho, looks like a fun June/July, with Euro’s in the morning and Copa Big Hunk of America in the afternoon.
Looking for Euro’s on the wiki:
In the USA: on FOX (not sure if that includes FS1 or FS2 or whatever they are now called) and Univision.
In Canada: on TSN and TVA.

Boycott :slight_smile:

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I already have a habit of boycotting CS-started threads. But I don’t particularly heed it all the time.

This is for the 2024 European Soccer Championships. That other thread is for the European Soccer Championships 2024.


Like the People’s Front of Judea and the Judean People’s Front, they are very different.