2023 College Football Discussion

Just saw ratings for weekend and more people watched Colorado-Nebraska at noon than Texas-Alabama in prime time, or maybe now it will be referred to only as evening time and prime time will be reserved for whenever Colorado is on. Incredible how 2 games in this team has captured this level of attention. I hope they keep it going.

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The outer bands of Hurricane Lee will likely hit the NE US on Saturday. Could make for some interesting game conditions if they happen. Probably the biggest game of note potentially affected is Florida State at BC.

Ah, so who’s the home team now??

there are no big games if BC is involved. glenn foley and matt ryan and doug flutie aren’t walking through that door

Colorado St head coach takes swipe at Deion by noting his mom taught him to take off hat and sunglasses when he meets someone. Not sure why people keep throwing little jabs like this and giving them locker room motivation and at same time not really recognizing brand Deion has built. I don’t think most would consider it rude that Deion keeps his hat and sunglasses on. I wouldn’t.

The guy got toes amputated so he wouldn’t miss games and has been overwhelmed by high schoolers seeking to join program. Must be doing something right.

Pretty passive/aggressive, too.
I mean, CSU coach is basically giving up before the game starts doing this, trying to say, “Well, you’ll win the game, but I’m a better person than you; also, my momma is a better person than yours, so there.”

He once famously said
“The nicer you dress the nicer you play.
The nicer you play,
The nicer they pay.”

that’s part of a classic old timey bullshit list of “things i was taught” that allege to show someone respect. like i GAF if the guy shaking my hand and congratulating me is wearing a hat or glasses? i think first on the list is standing up to shake hands - bc that’s awkward AF in many situations and IDNGAF if the person stands up, only that they acknowledge me. the nonsense hills people invent to project from…

I think today is when Notre Dame Fan starts telling everyone the Fighting Irish are serious national championship contenders, no bullshit this time, they really need to be taken seriously, this year is different than past years.

This is every year of my adult life

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Yeah, they really beat up on perennial football power house :checks notes: Central Michigan today, who were looking to build on last year’s 4-8 record.

Late finish!

re: Travis Hunter’s injurer:

“We’re very concerned about our player’s safety, as Henry and his family have continued to receive these threats,” Parker told ESPN. “Henry never intended to put anyone in harm’s way on the football field. It’s not what we teach or coach. We hope that the irrational vitriol directed at Henry stops immediately.”

  1. It’s football. Attrition is a strategy.
  2. Jackasses need something better to do than to send death threats.
  1. is not always legal.

  2. is true.

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I’ve read people trying to justify Blackburn that it wasn’t a cheap shot, that he couldn’t have avoided it and it was just part of the game but I say BS to that. He knew exactly what he was doing. Was his intent to put Hunter out of the game? Might not have been his top intent but if that was a result, he was willing to accept it.

Doxing Blackburn and his family and threatening him in anyway is way beyond the pale and should be condemned by everyone who has a modicum of civility.

Personally, I think that type of hit should always result in an ejection but I realize that it rarely ever does. While it didn’t fit the definition of targeting because that is mostly to protect players (either side from head and neck injuries) it is still the type of hit that needs to be taken out of the game and the only way to get it out of the game is to eject players who commit it.

The game was chippy from even before the game started. It was a rivalry game and unfortunate things like that are bound to happen. But death threats have no place either.

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The play by the safety was worth a 15 yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty, for sure. It is unclear to me that the safety saw that the receiver did not have the ball. The hit was clean and to the pads, nowhere near the receiver’s head.

I don’t think it was worth an ejection.

Sanders (the QB, not the coach) came up and body-shoved the safety. That was worth a 15 yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty that was not called.

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Didn’t the ball fall about where the collision happened? Or maybe even a little farther down the sideline?

Having been in that position myself more than once (and both opting not to deliver the hit and opting to deliver the hit knowing it was a cheap shot), it was hard for me to believe the safety didn’t see the ball fall incomplete as he prepared to deliver a hit to the receiver who was also obviously out of bounds or would be out of bounds by the time he hit him. It seemed pretty obvious to me that the safety gathered himself to deliver the blow after the ball had already hit the ground.

As I said, it is nearly never an ejection because it can too easily be explained as a legitimate hit or simply a late hit. Players are very rarely ejected for late hits even 2 or 3 steps out of bounds when it was obvious they could have let up, they don’t get kicked out. But if you want to stop those kinds of gratuitously violent hits, you have to kick players out of games for them. But that is not what they want to do apparently.

IMHO the hit was late. Worth a flag.
IMHO the hit was not gratuitously violent. The hit was shoulder pad to shoulder pad. No spearing or aiming at the helmet. Not worth a suspension. No death threats warranted.

Here is video of the play.

He didn’t use his helmet but he did dip his shoulder pad to enhance the power of the blow.

Like I said, it never gets someone kicked out and I didn’t expect it this time. But that kind of hit needs to be eliminated from the game and the only way to do that, like spearing and targeting is to remove the player from the game if he does that.

It was a borderline ejection play, especially live. A clear penalty. I would have no problem with an ejection or 1-game suspension (if that even happens anymore in the NCAA). Hunter’s injury does not factor into the decision.

On a hit to a defenseless player, at least the player being hit tightens up, knowing he may take a shot. On this play, Hunter had relaxed, making this more egregious/dangerous. Ultimately, after review, I think it warrants more than an unsportsmanlike penalty but not sure what.