2023 College Football Discussion

Ok, congrats to the Bulldogs, again. College degrees from UGA have increased, oh, 0% due to that win.

UGA apparently have an extremely easy non-conf schedule in 2023. Announcer noted it at least twice in the short time I had to listen to them (36 minutes). They’re not the only ones.

I was thinking that the SEC required at least 1 of the 4 non-conference games be a P5 team. So I looked UGA up. I forgot they always end the season with Georgia Tech.

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Don’t they only count 1 FCS game for bowl eligibility?

BYU is showing that their 3 non-BIG 12 games are 2 FCS teams and an SEC team. I figured they would struggle to get to 500 anyway, but if one of the FCS games doesn’t count that makes it even harder.

Wow, one! So tough, this SEC.
With every P5 conference having their champion in to the 12-team tournament (starting in 2024), I hope that more teams will be interested in scheduling tougher non-conf, since winning the conference would take precedence, and instead of paying a million dollars to beat some directional-state college, split more money in a high-profile match-up.
Probably not. Tough sport, pussy schedule.

Right on cue:

Not much interested in US college football but I try to watch some of the championship game. When I got around to watching last night, TCU was already down by 30+ points so my viewing time lasted 30 seconds.

Advertisers must have been pretty annoyed as second half viewership must have plummeted. Would be interested if the system should be tweaked to minimize the possibility of such debacles or whether such mismatches are inevitable from time to time. Banning Georgia from football, of course, might reduce the risk of blowouts…

Probably easier to eliminate pretenders like TCU from final four. Not sure who instead, but someone whom Michigan could beat.

UGA always does end with GT, and the other 3 are usually 2 cupcakes and 1 blue chip matchup. For example, 2022 was Oregon and 2021 was Clemson.

UGA was scheduled to play at Oklahoma early in 2023. However, when OK decided to join the SEC the conference directed them to cancel the home and home. Had to scramble for a late replacement, and came up with a 3rd cupcake in Ball State.

On the radio, I heard complaints about UGA scheduling cupcakes for their.2023 non-conference schedule, starting with TCU.


OK, then.
First first-year coach fired, and it’s only January.

This was a ridiculous overreaction in November. Takes an interesting turn.

Pac12 down to six? Big 12 up to… hmm, carry the one… 20?

Yes, I know this includes other sports, but fuh-baw!

So the Holy War® might be back on soon?

This is the son of my college Defensive Coordinator.
Loved his dad as a coach. Probably my second favorite coach of all time.
I hope he sticks with BYU and sees the field:

“B-Y-Jew” had my chuckling.

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Probably could wait for the 2024 and 2025 threads but CFP has released the 2024/2025 and 2025/2026 playoff schedule.

First round 1 Fri, 3 Sat at campus weekend before Christmas, Quarters in bowls Dec 31/Jan 1 Semis Thurs/Fri after, then Final Monday week+ after Semis

College Football

It hadn’t already?

I live in one of the areas where college football is king. It’s even more magnified by recent UGA success.

I’ll follow some college football but don’t consider myself a fan of any team. Makes me a bit of an oddball here.