2022 NFL Football Thread

This reminds me of the time that Dallas traded away Hershel Walker for a bunch of draft picks. Then went on to win 3 Superbowls in the next 5 years. Poor Vikings.

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Oh it’s for the whole season… oh my! That is pretty funny.

I was sad when we lost Wilson (as I’m sure my contemporaneous posts in this thread will show), but it certainly seems like we came our way ahead.

Fun fact: you have not commented on Wilson in this thread until just now.
(Probably more on the SEA thread.)

Nope: only once in that thread.

(Full Disclosure: The Search Function required that you write the word “Wilson.” If you didn’t, the search did not find it. And, it’s slow skimming on this site through 500+ (or 900+) posts.

Hmmm, maybe I posted about it less than I remember. Or didn’t show up in your search. Regardless, I was sad about it, but it certainly seems to have worked out in our favor.

If there are Vegas odds on this, I’ll be betting with house money

Ugly look for Jerrah


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Nothing wrong with being present at that moment.

Dak’s screen saver is himself

Funny if true, but easily photoshopped.

Could be, but a couple of news sources are reporting it:

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Ah, sounds accurate then.

Nothing wrong with being part of a racist mob.