2022-23 NBA Basketball Thread

Or if their 2 time MVP was an American rather than a Serbian?

I don’t think this is an American vs Serbian thing, it is one of the greatest players in the history of the NBA who has been playing since Jokic was 8 years old vs a very good player.
Back in his day Dirk Nowitzki got plenty of air time and admiration

Jokic is one of 15 players to win 2 or more league MVPs in the history of the sport. He’s more than “a very good player”. Every one of the other 14 players are either in the hall of fame, or still playing (James, Curry & Antetokounmpo)

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Don’t know but nothing wrong with celebrating your national sports heroes more than foreign ones. I will always cheer for a Canadian athlete ahead of an American one when they are competing head to head.

I am not saying he is just another good player, but the competing stories are

  1. 2x MVP goes to his 1st NBA Finals in a cakewalk
  2. Did we just see the greatest player ever finish his last title run

Why not both?

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They did both, 1st they spent time on the Lebron story before moving on to the Nuggets

That happened in 1998. Netflix has a whole show about it and everything.


I found some actual MIA/BOS series props prior to Game 1:
BOS wins 4-0 +400
MIA wins 4-0 +4900

I can bet on the BOS sweep now and get +800
Teams down 3-0 in NBA series are 0-110. But the “better” team is rarely down 3-0.

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First time for everything.
But +800 is a sucker bet.


edit May 23: After pulling one back in Game 4, the Celtics saw their odds improve from +900 to +230, but still trail Miami 3-1 and need to reel of three more victories to capture their second straight Eastern Conference title.

Celtics strong favourites to win tonight at home. IF they do, Miami should be viewing game 6 as almost a must-win: a game 7 in Boston would be daunting for them.

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Charles Barkley guaranteed a win for the Celtics so they better watch out

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With like 4 minutes left, my wife stirred from her slumber and asked if Miami had come back yet. It wouldn’t have shocked me tbh.

Ok, i do not know the hell im talkin’ bout.

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So how much did you bet?

Zero. I rarely place bets on individual games or props anymore. Win or lose, this was a wager where I believed there was an advantage. Any advantages are usually found going against public sentiment, but this would be over the long run. And I don’t kid myself, I knew the BOS/MIA series wasn’t a huge advantage due to the vig/spread. When I did gamble on individual sporting events, I treated it as a business that required my time and detachment from rooting interests. When I could no longer dedicate that time, then my betting ceased.

I do still engage in season-long football contests with a large amount of entrants which makes it worth my while.

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Celtics laid enough bricks to build someone a new home

I didn’t care much about the series one way or another, but I found myself enjoying the Heat win only because sports radio had been going on and on about how if Boston took it back to Boston, the Heat had no chance at all. Annoyingly typical “I don’t see how…can possibly…” sports radio.