2022-23 English Premier League discussion

The official extension was 6 minutes. I know ref can stop game after that. In this case, I had no rooting interest. I prefer if Man City doesn’t win title so Arsenal winning is good. I would also like to see Bournemouth stay up. I like the story of the Cherries rise, their initial successes and their fight back up. At this stage, there are no additional arguments to persuade me that a team deserves a final corner just to provide a final attacking play. That is NOT part of the rules. There are about 7 listed reasons and none took place in this game to add time to the 6’. Referee has discretion, but allowing a final attack to come to completion is not an official rule. If they want it as an official rule, write it into the rules,

I’m guessing you didn’t watch live. Adam Smith for Bournemouth goes down for injury at approximately 90:12, and play isn’t restarted until 91:03. The ball goes out for the corner at 96:34.

I don’t think any objective observer could have any complaints about the ref allowing the corner to be taken.

If the official time has not ended before the ball went out, the restart (and subsequent attack) will be finished. It is not part of the Laws (not “rules”), but it is something referees do, same as if, before the official time has elapsed, there was a foul in the penalty area resulting in a penalty kick. Your opinion appears to be that the penalty kick should not be taken if the official time has elapsed between the foul and the kick. But, of course that would not be “fair.”
So, the restart of a corner should occur. And the referee will stop the match when they deem it to be finished. The additional time is not “official.” I think you need to understand this before we go on. I’m not sure where you got this idea.
It is the minimum amount of time that will be added.

I’m not sure when USA switched to this match after the CHE-LEE match, but I can undelete it and watch again.

Back: Switched over 3 minutes in to stoppage time, so I did not see that injury time.

I was watching live and did not think there was 51 seconds taken at that point. Good research.

So hard to be a Spurs fan. Blew 3-1 lead against lowly Southampton today and settled for a tie. Not looking like a top four team.

As a gooner, the pen given to Soton for the equalizer was suspect at best.

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As usual, Conte blaming everyone except himself. Always figured the manager shares some responsibility if players don’t play as well as they can. Ted Lasso is probably available……

‘This is unacceptable’: Antonio Conte hits out at Spurs players and owner | Tottenham Hotspur | The Guardian

Its a good way to get out of the job.

I was OK with him pushing the players on blowing the 2 goal lead. The players should shoulder that. The line about the team getting worse in the aspect of playing together versus selfishly is a tougher one for the coach not to have some self-awareness of responsibility. This sounds an awful lot like it is directed specifically at Kane. If it is at a guy like Richarlson, then he should not have started him after Richarlson trashed him. I do like that Spurs are in a little bit of turmoil currently. Good for Liverpool.

Conte may not be back in April. Fourth place contenders must be rubbing hands in glee over the turmoil.