2021 NFL Football Thread

Texans picking up Roby for Week 2 . . . should be interesting . . .

Saw an article that had talked to a former Patriot who claimed that Cam didn’t even know the team’s playbook. Not sure if that’s true or not . . .

I saw it too. Not suggesting you are 'spreading this but…

  • I don’t think it is fair to say it. Feels like a simplification. The 2 qbs should be working diff parts of the book given their skill sets. Yes some overlap, but there could easily be parts where Jones "explained’ to cam. I bet cam gave pointers too. Good rookies dove stuff they can share w vets.

Cam apparently didn’t ever run 2 min drill last year. I don’t recall. But he was never the qb who thrived more on fast thought than amazing physical gifts. So…

There’s no reason for someone to share that rumor. They chose mac and the defense of the decision is whatever was presented in preseason. No need to jump to this stuff.

I thought cam was a guy who worked hard and did well by the teams and fans hopes for the signing. He just isn’t as good as he once was.


I read that last night was the first time an NFL team has won when they did all of the following: lost the turnover margin by 3 or more, gave up 450+ yards, and incurred 100+ penalty yards.

Only meaningful one is the turnover margin. The others need comparative numbers.
So, Total yards: 450 vs 431. Meh.
Penalties: 106 vs 55. That might be significant.
Should add those to the total yards.
So, 556 vs 486. That seems more significant, but you get that high up in yardage by both teams, anything can happen. And, voila, it did.

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*You’ll automatically choose the Cowboys for the Cowboys @ Buccaneers game.

I’d say “should not”. Some of those yards are defensive penalties and should be “subtracted” from the other team’s offense-related yardage.

For this game, “missed points” should also be a factor when taken into consideration of the point difference of the final score.

Well, they’re are yardage the offense takes or gives away. And offensive yardage leads to points, in theory.
Also, every time the defense does something non-penalty stupid, am I supposed to take those yards away from the opposition’s offense? Like, allowing Gronk to run out-of-bounds so the clock stops?

I do not disagree with anything you said here; my point is that I don’t think adding yards given to your opponent’s offense should be given to your offense to make that “singular value” for that comparison.

I do think that the number of penalties assessed against your team is a telling sign (along with either total penalty yards or avg. penalized yards). To me, 5 false starts is worse than one 30yd (defensive) pass interference. (Note that I’m not suggesting going to the extent of type of penalty; but note that the situation here would have the latter case look worse than the former if looking only at total penalty yards.)

Hmm, seems we need to split these by Offensive penalties (subtracted from current Total Yards) and Defensive penalties (added to the opponent’s Total Yards), in order to get an accurate and usable (for predicting?) “Adjusted Total Yards” number.
Quite possible someone has already done this work.

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I wonder if Peyton and Eli were worth watching over the regular MNF broadcast.

I mean, I had them on TV intending to watch and see how they did, but then child #1 showed up with one of their friends and then all the kid were in the room and everyone. Would. Not. Shut. The. Fuck. Up.

the MNF game between Ravens and Raiders was awesome. just a wild ride of a game.


Well . . . something wild is happenin’ out west.

Each team in the NFC West and the AFC West are 1-0.

Sorry you missed it. It was fun, for one time at least. I think that they need to make sure that we see the game as well as get to follow their chats. We know Peyton can talk, but Eli needs to work a bit on getting his points out there and not having Peyton run the whole show. The guests were pretty good, although Ray Lewis was disappointing, seemed like he may have no been all there. Maybe because I hate him with a burning passion, I may be jaded. Barkley was great, he wasn’t all amped up like on basketball shows. Not sure if I will watch again, maybe just to see if we can actually watch the game as well as get the commentary from the Manning boys.

Saints have 8 positive tests. One player in the 8; six are coaches, and reportedly the coaching staff and personnel staff was fully vaccinated.

Something to keep in mind as you make your Sunday picks.

Stop me if you’ve heard this before: Marcus Mariota will miss time due to an injury.



Congrats to anyone who took the New York Giants Washington Football Team to win tonight.

What a disaster of a game last night