You can see the new AO here

I suspect it’s a test site that’s been put online.



Combines the excitement of “gray” with the fun of cool topics like “work”.


maybe they should have asked us for feedback first or something…

you know, like before deleting everything and pissing everyone off



There’s a Vision and Mission Statement too. I can already feel my synergies being leveraged. :unamused:

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From the disclaimer:

We encourage positive, respectful, professional communication.

Wow, our old logins don’t even work. We have to re-register!

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Confirms no NAT/Political

We encourage that too. Just not particularly successfully.

Anyway, it’s a nice clean looking site and seems to adhere to what they were trying to do. Whether there’s any uptake on it, we’ll see.

Lol at the stock photo’s though. Someone must’ve said ‘do some math type stuff’.
And the exam photo, I’m all kind of triggered. Anyone from UWaterloo should be getting flashbacks to the PAC from that picture.

Of course not
it’s a new site.

And all history is gone… even the exam and actuarial content is gone. It’s like they’re deliberately trying to re-create the desert.

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So “Toilet Seat Etiquette” would be a no-no over there??? :toilet: What if it was a “Problem of the Week!”???

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It wasn’t clear to me that they were going to axe literally everything … even the actuarial history and our login information. I thought they were at least going to pay lip service to wanting us to go back. I guess not!

Oh, and I wondered in another thread whether I’d have mod powers over there such as in the CAS 5 forum that I figured they were keeping. Obviously not since I no longer even have a user ID.

Smart money would’ve been to port at least the usernames/passwords to the new site. Then smarter money would’ve been to email everyone telling them they’ve put a new site online. Keep all the current posters, and shock some old one’s to come back as well. They toasted something like 40,000 emails of people in the actuarial community.


It’s a LOT more work to port old data to a new site than to build a new site from scratch. If they’d just wanted to change the platform, they might have done the work. But given that they wanted to make major changes to the content and structure, it seemed extremely unlikely to me that anything would be kept. This is pretty much what I was expecting it to look like. Although I’m sad they they aren’t even attempting anything like NAT. Not really surprised, but sad.

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The MOST helpful part of the exam forums for me wasn’t the real-time discussion, it was looking back at years of history on module exercises. Without that history, why would I start there to begin with?

Also, the professional forums benefit greatly from having seasoned actuaries randomly answer questions as a diversion from NAT/Diversions/Political. Good luck getting a lot of experienced actuaries to stick around on that site.

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I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that the new site will have about as much traffic as the old CAS Water Cooler did once they decided they wanted only “serious” posting.


They may still do this. After all, they haven’t officially opened the new site, yet.

I don’t think they had any idea what they had, what was there, where the value was, etc.

But yeah, I don’t see any particular reason to hang out on that site. So… as a seasoned actuary who sometimes answered student questions… no, I won’t do it there.

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