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Thread for GoA judgement on topics that might not warrant individual threads.


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I judge this thread a success!


In line boarding the plane. A woman and her adult/teen daughter (both appear able bodied) worm their way in towards the front, saying that they missed their priority boarding so they really weren’t cutting in line.

Were they justified?

  • Yes—they’d paid for the privilege and would’ve been ahead of everyone already in line
  • No—you snooze, you lose, should’ve gotten in line when the priority group was called
  • 42 death stares from DTNF

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Ware 42 option??? :judge:


I’ll be the judge of that. :judge:

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It seems editing the poll reset it. Have to re-vote. :-1:

missed pre boarding for people who need time?

or missed 1st class/ priority?

former, just go with your group

latter, there is ususlly a different side to the bording line, they have the right to move to the front of that side

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Why me??

They seemed to have missed priority boarding due to seating class. They were both adults (maybe one was an older teen) and seemed able bodied. There was only one line/access point.

What kind of society are you living in where the haves are not properly separated from the have nots? Inferior people should know that they’re inferior!


When the gate agent insisted that my shoelaces should be intertwined in a complex tangle resembling a labyrinth of loops and twists, I realized I was one of the have knots.


I thought you relished your judgy role. You should feel honored.

I voted “snooze, lose” but I would let them in front so they could board, wait a few minutes, then make sure to hit both of them with my carry-on no matter how much effort I needed to put into it, including if I had to walk to the back of the plane and then oh, right - my seat isn’t 32E, it’s 9A and had to walk back through First Class to have a flight attendant read my ticket for me.


A thread of random polls where I get to judge strangers? This thread is awesome


I vote let em though. Normally I do see two side by side lines though so that priority boarders don’t have to brush past common folk to board

Idk if it is me getting older or what but I just got back from spring skiing and these flights really took a toll on me. When I was younger I would hop off the flight and head straight for the hotel gym treadmill. Anyways, I am beginning to understand why people pay such a premium for larger seats/first class accommodations

I’ve been in that situation myself and I always just get in line with everyone else. I voted snooze you lose, but I would also not care if other people claimed their status and went ahead. I suppose I’m just non-confrontational.

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Cutting in line = not OK, regardless of status.

However, if there were two lanes (“general” and “first/priority”), making use of the priority lane when you have that status is kosher (or at least “not against the rules”).

Picking some low hanging fruit since it’s Friday.

Someone commented not liking non-perforated TP because it’s less efficient to fold. I’ve never considered this.

Is folding TP weird?

  • Yes—Wipe with a wad
  • No—Folding uses less TP and ensures consistent coverage between hand and whatever you’re wiping
  • 42 bidets

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I prefer perforated, because I want a straight edge that matches the opposing straight edge, so I can fold after one wipe.

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