Worst popular candies

Popular meaning that most people would recognize the name of, or at least a short description.

I personally don’t know why Almond Joy or Mounds exist. I don’t like coconut in general, but those seem to concentrate the worst parts of coconut into an amazingly bad candy bar.


Agree with you on mounds and almond joy. Coconut is an abomination on anything except Samoas.

Also hate whoppers…not a candy bar, but a popular ToT candy. Heath bars are gross.


Anything with rai-SINS!!! :face_vomiting:


Agree on the Samoas. I don’t like shredded coconut, but they make it work.

Fresh coconut is pretty good.

Double Bubble has to be one of the worst gums ever made.

Shut your filthy whore mouth. All the Mounds belong to me.

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You’re welcome to them. You might have to dig through the trash though…

That honey candy was always a bummer.

Hard candies that aren’t caramels. Lollipops except the tootsie kind. Gobstoppers. Nerds. Anything generic. Smarties. Raisinets. Anything dark chocolate.

I agree with most of your list. In general - I’m not a big fan of candy that isn’t chocolate. Caramel is close enough. Agree on the tootsie pops - if I have to have a sucker, that’s the best option.

I do enjoy dark chocolate though.

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I like a lot of non-chocolate candies, but it’s harder to impress me.

I am a big fan of black licorice. Also enjoy a nice sour punch straw…or 10. Jellybeans are pretty good.

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Most jellybeans are good. I’m not a big fan of the popular fruity candies (skittles, starbursts, etc), but I’ll eat them in a pinch.

Black licorice is just, well, just awful. Like, really awful.

Any food that gives you green diarrhea that you still keep coming back to time and time again must be something pretty special.

I agree that black licorice is the worst. I’m ok with coconut in general, but would definitely not go out of my way for a mounds or almond joy. They’re awfully dry.

I’m a big fan of whoppers. I’ve kind of noticed that with most things containing chocolate that I like, I like the thing chocolate is paired with better than the chocolate itself - reeses peanutbutter cups, york peppermint patties, whoppers, kitkat, snickers. I guess I mean I’m not a huge fan of chocolate, despite really liking these and others.

I love mounds. I don’t care for almond joy, because it’s milk chocolate. The dark chocolate on mounds contrasts nicely with the coconut.

I’ve never liked Samoas. Too sweet. Too dry.

Raisinettes are a terrible candy. I never liked the old Sky bar, but that may not be made anymore (it was a necco product) and hasn’t been common in ages.

Peeps. I mean, yeah, they are cute. So maybe like those conversation hearts, they mostly exist for what they look like, and just happen to be edible. But they don’t taste good. (Nor do the conversation hearts, but i like them because they are fun anyway.)

You take that back. You take that back RIGHT NOW.

Hard fruit-ish candies were always my favorite. A Dairy Queen Blizzard with Nerds was my favorite childhood treat.

I also like Mounds/Almond Joy.

My least favorite is probably Milky Way. I’m also not a fan of just pure sugar (Peeps, etc.). It needs something else going on. On fruit candies, I’m not a huge fan of candies you’re supposed to suck on (lollipops, jawbreakers, Jolly Ranchers etc.) as I always end up biting them.

Favorites: Chocolate:
Crunchies like the toffee of Heath or Skor, or the wafer of Kit Kat
Chewies like the hard caramel of Riesen

Favorites: Fruit:
Crunchies like Nerds, Runts, Sweet Tarts, Sprees
Chewies like Starburst, Mike & Ike, Sour Punch straws, Sour Punch Kids, Skittles, Dots, Jujyfruit

I guess there’s a reason I’m overweight.

Black licorice is the worst, followed by banana flavored candy as a distant 2nd. Accidentally eating licorice makes me wish I could shave off the top layer of my tongue.

Dark chocolate is the best kind…


So much this.

Typically not a fan of candy with nougat, raisins, or peanuts.

If I were literally starving to death it would be hard for me to get black licorice down. It is just about the most disgusting thing in existence. Non-toasted coconut is a close second though. (That’s why Samoas aren’t so bad… the coconut is toasted… and drenched in caramel.)

I like some flavors of Nerds but don’t like them all mixed together. Separate those babies out. Same with Skittles. I am a candy racist. There should be no color mixing with candy. I will even separate out M&Ms by color and eat them one color at a time just because the different food colorings in the candy shells have different aftertastes. Red are the worst so you have to eat them first so that the remaining M&Ms eliminate the bad taste from your mouth.