Worst Christmas Songs

Getting a slight head start on the season.

Which are your least favorite Christmas* songs?

Easily the worst for me is “Last Christmas”. I can’t figure out how it ended up getting any air time at all, and the fact that so many people cover it just blows my mind.

A family member introduced me to the absolute worst cover in the history of anything. Enjoy!

I know - I went ahead and won the thread in the first post, but still - feel free to nominate some runners up.

*or whatever wintery holiday you want

wtf. The second they start, I wondered if it wasn’t meant to be a joke. But there was clearly too much effort put into it to be a joke. wow.

I’d say anything that gets played on the local Christmas radio stations, because they have a VERY small playlist. And especially that Mariah Carey song. And, despite it being incredibly catchy, that Paul McCartney song.

Maybe because the Paul McCartney song is incredibly catchy

Oh, and that old version of All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth that they always play also deserves special mention.

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:grimacing: :dizzy_face: :poop: :-1:

One of my high school English teachers used to wear Ascots.

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That’s great. I saw your thread title and came here to post that my wife absolutely hates this song. Because of this I enjoy singing it out loud so that my kids will start singing it. Drives her crazy.

That sounds like it’s mean, but she’s plenty ornery to me to deserve it :laughing:

That one comes in second for me. Both it and Last Christmas get stuck in my head and it drives me crazy.

Also not a fan of that Pachelbel Canon song with the boys choir.

I actually don’t hate the Mariah Carey song. As far as “modern” Christmas songs it may be the best one.

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Mariah’s is okay. I’m young enough that I basically grew up listening to it, so to me it’s a “classic”.

I really like Sia’s christmas album though. Ho Ho Ho is good, and Snowman too.

fucking loathe all i want for christmas is you by mariah carey. i’m old, so it’s not classic, but i think even if i were young, i’d hate it.

I came here to say “Last Christmas” and now that video will haunt my nightmares.

Most Christmas songs are terrible, tbh.

This song always made me cry, when it was on the (Christian) radio, but that was probably like…10, 15 years ago? Would probably not have the same effect now.

Also, was that Brad Paisley’s wife and Rob Lowe at the beginning of the video?

I don’t hate contemporary Christmas music. I like Mariah’s tune, and there’s one by Ariana Grande that gets stuck in my head that doesn’t make me want to lobotomize myself. But I don’t go out of my way to listen to it, either.

It’s that time of year again where Xmas music is everywhere. There is usually a day where a flip switches where I stop avoiding it and start embracing it, but generally not til a week or two before christmas day. This year I won’t be shopping in stores or even driving my car very much so should be easy to avoid until I’m ready.

It’s not just a video: it’s a whole movie!!!

Happy Xmas (War is Over). The song is okay until Yoko Ono starts wailing.



I loathe this song. I hate this more than Jingle Dogs.

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Aw, I actually like that one… in small doses. Not every hour, which is how often it’s played on Christmas stations.

I can NOT stand “My Grown Up Christmas Wish”.

No, it’s not grown-up at all. It’s like the beauty pageant contestants who all want world peace. A grown-up Christmas wish would be to actually come up with and implement solutions to one or more problems in the world rather than just wishing they’d magically disappear, which is sophomoric wishful thinking.

Christmas would be a particularly appropriate time to look to the example of Christ. He didn’t just wish for things to get better. He went out and got his hands dirty and healed sick people and defended the defenseless. He didn’t ask his Daddy to wave a magic wand and whisk us all back to the Garden of Eden.