Worldle / WhereTaken / WhenTaken

My brother recommended this to me (the daily puzzle version; there are apparently two version in the app store)

Basic game: they show you the outline of a country or region, and you have 6 chances to guess it. After each wrong guess, they tell you how far away your guess was from the correct answer, and the direction from your guess to the correct answer (an arrow; I’m not sure how detailed the arrow is, but there surely are at least eight choices (corresponding to N, S, E, W, NE, NW, SE, SW.)

The size of the outline does not convey how large the country is.

For more of a challenge, you can choose not to see the country image at all, or to see the image, but it will have been rotated randomly so you don’t know which direction is north.

Yesterday was extremely easy, IMO. Wasn’t surprised that my first guess was right. Today’s not easy: 6 guesses and I still didn’t have it, and would have gotten it very soon with more guesses.

I know people here play, I thought we had a thread for it, maybe they put under Wordle Variations

maybe WORLDLE?

Well today’s Worldle was crazy easy, but I can see it being hard sometimes.

Is Worldly different from Worldle?

There’s only what, about 200 countries? So in under a year they’ll have to repeat. Scrabble dictionary has almost 9,000 five-letter words, although I read a claim that only a little over half are valid for Wordle / Quordle / Octordle. Still… 5,000 vs 200…

Same game. Autocorrect maybe? I’ll try to fix the title. I knew the correct title when I created the thread.

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I’m maybe averaging 50% wins, probably not that high. Today was not a win.

Another miss

Third (at least) miss in a row. Final guess off 563 miles

Now 4 in a row wrong. Off by over 800 miles. At least the last guess was the closest.

Finally another success. On first guess even. I think I had this one before and got it on the first guess too.

Have learned the web-based version and app have different countries each day. Got the web version in 4. 629 miles off on phone, with each guess closer than the one before, overshooting in some cases

Missed the web-based version by 848 miles, after being only 695 off after 5. Got the phone version in 4.

posting here so you can keep going.

I think only 8 in a row for a single poster

I play worldle daily. I recently got a new phone, so I lost my stats. Current average hit rate around 65% is lower than it was before, but single shot hits are up and the modal answer right now.

One shotted today

#Worldle #248 1/6 (100%)

Best recent accomplishment was getting Nauru right, either on the last guess or next to last. Knew it was a Pacific island on guess 2, and randomly guessed from there ruling out those I knew weren’t possible

#Worldle #248 5/6 (100%)

My first guess was shockingly close.

No success in web version. Was within 1000 miles on guess 3, within 500 on guess 4, but each of 5 and 6 off by more than 1000.

Bummer in the app. Starting with guess 2, all were within 1000, and last was within 500. But I didn’t get it, even though I have been there more than 4 times. 4 of my 6 guesses I had never been in; guess 2 twice (possibly 3 times).

ETA: Wife, who has never played before but has seen some of the maps when I’ve showed her, played the app version today (maybe the last time ever). Got it in 4, with here successful guess the first within 1000 miles of the answer.

Talk about fluke successes.

Got the web version in 4, mainly by luck. Botswana. I knew it was in Africa and I wanted a country in Africa, but I had no idea where in Africa Botswana was or what shape it was

Then the app was a bigger fluke by several orders of magnitude. Got it in 6 Thought I wanted an Island, very far south. Couldn’t think of any more after 5 guesses (not even all were islands, but I only thought I wanted an island). Don’t know if there is a way to just say “tell me the answer” without having 6 misses. Decided to guess Easter Island just to find out, but Easter Island isn’t a choice. Scrolled through the possible choices. Saw “Bouvet Island”. Entered it just to find out the right answer. It was.

Web version: in 4, getting much closer at each step. App: failed, even though guesses 2,4,5,6 were all within 500 miles.

Way off on guess 1, but that gave me enough info to hit it on guess 2

#Worldle #252 2/6 (100%)

Took me three, after being off about 3600 miles in guess 1. 3 is far better than my average. (Well, only about .5 below my average if we count failures to get in 6 as 7’s.)

but no luck with the app version. Guesses 1 and 2 were within 500 miles. None of the remaining 4 were, with only guess 4 within 1000.