World Cup Betting Game

Looking forward to hearing how there is still time to enter this. Even though ultimate anyone and Arthur itas have shot out to an early lead.

Brazil, Portugal, Morocco

If our benevolent game administrator elects to accept late entries, my suggestion would be that no teams with a win or tie already registered are eligible

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I’ll admit that I was tempted to pick Ecuador, but that seemed to be poor form.


  1. More entires = More fun
  2. Kind of assumed Ecuador was going to beat Qatar
  3. Most people don’t check this site daily and no one should check on the weekends
  4. Anyone who is complaining about the rules of a free game on a free website with absolutely no winnings doesn’t have an opinion I’m going to listen to.


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The timing rules have been set. Like my hamstrings, they were fairly flexible but at this point, no flexibility left.

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And we’re closed… updates will be sporadic and infrequent, but will aim for after each round of games.

Argentina $5
Denmark $3
Iran $1
Canadia $1

Thanks for playing!

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Nothing’s over until we decide it is!

Was it over when the German’s bombed Pearl Harbor?



I picked all those teams and Saudi Arabia was not one of them??


Should have gone with my initial instinct. Japan looked pretty good this morning.

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Not only did I choose two teams in the same group without realizing it (-EV strategy I’m sure), they both lost their first matches. LOL. I’m sure they’ll draw when they face off too


Yes, I also chose two teams in the same group by mistake - World Cup Betting 101 error.

Also if you bet against your favorite team, you win either way.

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Yeah, that is what I often do but not this time……my team could have won today which doubles the hurt.

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After checking to see if I had doubled up on team in a group, pleased to find out I didn’t. Never even though about it!

First update will come after today’s games (although depending on work, may not be until tomorrow AM).

Group stage ends Friday I think if you want to wait to update then

I heard on sports radio that some Saudi prince is giving a new Rolls Royce to every member of their soccer team for the win of Argentina.

Through the first 2 group games, Maphisto (well his Sidekick, but that was too long for my liking) has an early lead.

Maphisto 16
IPD 15
knoath 14
KidRock 12
Arbitrary 12
Arthuritas 11
1695814 10
Outdoorman 10
YankeeTripper 10
UltimateAnyone? 10
Cooke 10
dr t nonfan 7
DeepPurple 7
MayanActuary 6
glassy 6
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Not only did I make this mistake, it looks quite possible than neither team I picked will advance.