Post your WORDLE results here!

Wordle 208 2/6

My first guess was EARLY


yeah, so can someone explain what wordle is?

Go to the website, it’s straightforward. I just added it to the first post.

OK I got it on try 4, which was helped out quite a bit by two words I had chosen early LEAKS and ABATE

Klayman how did you make your color boxes on your post?

Took me all the tries. i was giving up and played a random word that actually fit a couple right into place.

Wordle 208 6/6


got it in 6, but didn’t realize the word could repeat letter

It also didn’t accept a proper word as a word, but I guess that saved me a move

You go to the the chart icon at the top and a window will open with your results. click the share button and it’ll copy it to your clipboard.

Same. I googled “can a letter repeat in wordle” between guess 5 & 6.

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so was mine, and will most likely always will be

Wordle 208 5/6


I was close to a 2/6 the other day but wasn’t to be.

This is fun! Got it in 6.

Same but I had most of the letters in 3 moves and guessed a lot of non words (brute force method) before I learned that letters could repeat. So I got it in 4 moves but it was really a lot more guesses.

Thanks for introducing the site, that was fun! Got it on the 5th try.

As someone else said on Twitter: WORDLE 0/0 F’S GIVEN

Ok, I got thusly today:
Wordle 208 4/6


For some reason I was under the impression that it couldn’t. Obviously, that impression has been replaced with a demonstration

So I did a thing… Since wordle is open source, it’s really easy to inspect the page and get the entire word list behind the game. So I took those words, then built an Excel file that lets you enter in your guesses and the results, and then it outputs the possible words that could work.

PM me if you want a link to the file. Inputting stuff is a little clunky, but it was fun to figure out how to narrow down the list of possible words given the results of each guess.

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