Word of the Ring


One thing I’ve wondered about. Is there anything in the app that tells people the scoring? (Or even a link to the Goactuary post that has the scoring?) Similarly that leaderboards combine the daily game and random games?

There is a question mark in the top left corner when playing the game. If someone taps it, it pops up a box with the rules of the game which includes the scoring.

On the leaderboards, I will make a note for that as a possibility. I have been hesitant to make major updates to the app as it has very good retention metrics for a word game app, but not great install metrics. I will maintain this app indefinitely as I actually love to play it. However, most of the time I will invest into it will be around improving installs unless someone gives me an improvement idea that could lead directly to better installs. I do have a place I keep a list of all ideas for future reference though so I will add this idea and any others people send.

Upsetting. My first guess was a strike and then solved everything with no more strikes. So close.





395 again today. currently second place on naily leaderboard, behind someone who has played multiple random games

365 Got the same wrong letter right away as yesterday. Then had a 50/50 at the end and guessed wrong.

  1. But as of now, I’m #1 on the daily leadeboard, with the only positive score

Got 725 today.

725 as well.


Same. Soyleche got 725. I have seen that name here in the forum.

305 after a rough start

725 today. If I start trying to improve the app again at some point, I think I am going to add badges for achievements. One would be the 725 club. I think everyone here has gotten there at least once although I don’t track it so we would all have to do it again.

This is my least downloaded app by far, but my most played on a per capita basis. Go figure. Not sure what I have done wrong.

I had another 725 today.