Women's Soccer

Absolutely should have been postponed. Field conditions were atrocious.

In that article, a referee commented that the Referee of the match was discussing with a Tournament official (from CONCACAF, I assume) whether to continue. It is inferred that the Referee did not want to continue, but the Tournament official insisted on continuing.

Why she then didn’t delay or postpone the game was highlighted by CBS Sports contributor and referee Christina Unkel, who noted that a decision to pause the knockout match didn’t solely land on the shoulders of Garcia.

“Technically and practically, by law, it is always in the ultimate decision of the referee to make that decision,” Unkel said on CBS Sports. "That being said, practically speaking, there is a match commissioner at each of these Concacaf matches and as we saw within the first early minutes of this game, the referee went and demonstrated that the ball was not in fact rolling when she went over to near the fourth official station, which is where the match commissioner stands.

“I want to be very, very clear, it was very clear from her demonstrative showing that she does not necessarily think this is a safe condition but is being told to continue this match by that match commissioner.”


You go, senorita! (She loves it I call her that.)

Wait a minute, that name sounds familiar…
Yes, She just refereed yesterday’s slop fest in SD!
Now, going to Mexico to center referee a Liga MX match on Saturday!
Wait a minute…

Following the Week 11 game from Mexico’s top flight, García will then head back to the U.S. to officiate Sunday’s W Gold Cup final between the USWNT and Brazil at San Diego’s Snapdragon Stadium.

The next day! WTF? No other Referees? Maybe a Canadian one? Does it HAVE to be a woman? I mean, I get it, but I heard that men can be just as good a referee as a woman on a woman’s match. Call that idea crazy…
Anywho, I’ll be setting up this match on the YouTubeTV-vo, just to watch the referee.

And USA W win!
Next up: Olympiques.

Wait: The She Believes Cup in April.

Never any doubt. The only team that might have beat the US were the Canadians cuz they are good mudders.

I hope this gets the USWNT angry. Or maybe they’ll just pout and whine on social media that they don’t get enough respect or whatever teens do these days.

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She Believes match in ATL likely to sell over 40k tickets. That hasn’t happened before for a USWNT match other than World Cup and Olympics

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This is surprising…(he must be really dirty. In Spain low level corruption usually gets ignored)

Arty, did ATL put down grass for the She Believes Cup?


For most big international matches here they put in a grass field. WC is going to be more interesting in that they will try to have grass in the stadium for months to get established. Not sure what technologies they will use, as leaving the roof open alone will not allow enough sunlight long term for most grass types.

Yeah, let’s put on a soccer game at a baseball field with shitty sightlines! That’ll attract fans!!

Geez, just use Soldier Field fercryinoutloud. It’s got grass, it’s a reasonably sized field, lots of seats.

Interesting penalty call in the final minutes…

Awesome drama during the shootout.

Wondering what Horan was doing out there. Plenty of chances to bury the ball in the goal, couldn’t pull the right trigger. Came up well in the shootout.
Sophia Smith, the darling of the team, and shoots and scores!
Can probably do without Alex Morgan, former darling of the team. Thank you for your service, Mama!

Canada and USA women have pretty good rivalries in soccer and hockey. Always enjoy their games.

And Canada beats US in OT to win the world hockey championship. Seems like most recent US-Canada games go to OT in soccer and hockey. Pretty evenly matched.

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Seems like she signed on to a sinking ship:

Geez, go play in Europe. That is what I would suggest. But the League, who signs the contracts, probably won’t let that happen, and she might not want to go so far away just to play legitimate soccer.