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I wonder if his mother is still on a hunger strike.

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No word on a “settlement” for resigning.

Yep. Beat my forecast of one month before he resigned.

He is being prosecuted now so he has to wait for the results of that investigation.

Cannot get a dime before he is cleared (or not).

They probably don’t deserve to be on these rosters, either, but…

I thought Ertz was actually decent this past cycle. Rapinoe was well past her prime and probably shouldn’t have made the roster.

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Spain W play next Friday, but 81 players are boycotting. Not sure whom they’ll field.

OK, so Spain has a team that will play this Friday.
But in this story, something struck me as absurd:

According to Spanish sports law, athletes are required to answer the call of its national teams unless there are circumstances that impede them from playing, such as an injury. Should they refuse the call, the players face sanctions including fines of up €30,000 ($32,000) and the suspension of their federation licence for two to 15 years.

Holly fuck! Slaves of the country! Do USMNT/USWMNT players HAVE to play if they are uninjured?
Be a free country, Spain!