Will you go back to the office?

I think this depends on the industry though right? Working from home in banking is going to be shooting yourself in the foot. Working from home in health insurance is the norm now. Look at LinkedIn. 100% of jobs for the major health insurers are remote postings. Your career will only suffer from WFH if your industry prefers WFH over in office.

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My company just confirmed this past week that they will have a full time remote work force and will only have a small number of offices available for occasional in-person meetings or occasional in-office work.

I had a beer with my former coworker who left and he’s very pleased that he did. He’s been at his new job for just over a month and has been in the office every day. The position was 3-2 hybrid but he opted for full time in-office.

Beer has that effect.

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Looks like more countries are attempting to capitalize on increased WFH (at least among those whose employers tolerate working abroad)

That is allegedly a non-paywalled link. It looks like the “digital nomad visas” introduced during the pandemic will continue and expand to additional countries, with some (primarily tech?) employers embracing their employees’ interest in taking advantage of such programs.

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I was chatting with my uncle who is a senior guy in TV producing and it was interesting noting the WFH differences. Long story short it’s pretty imperative for a significant proportion of media production to be in person, although they’re definitely getting a lot of pushback.

They even had the anchor WFH at the height of COVID.

I recall someone compiling a video of newscasters with toddlers who wandered into the shot while Mom / Dad was broadcasting. It was cute. Mom’s talking about Afghanistan or Dad’s talking about a winter storm warning and an 18 month old wearing nothing but a diaper and sucking his/her thumb would toddle in.

But yeah, that sounds like a hassle that media employers might reasonably no longer wish to tolerate.

I think my co is deciding on selling our office building and going into a smaller shared space.

There are a few YouTube compilations of news reporters having their reports “enhanced” with the assistance of their pets during lockdown.


At my current company, I’ve worked in five different buildings. None of those buildings are used by my company anymore.