Will you get the vaccine as soon as available to you?

I had to take the day off after my first one. Not looking forward to scheduling the 2nd one. But if you had 0 problems with the first you’re probably going to be OK with the 2nd. Though my wife had slightly more trouble with the 2nd than the first.

My first COVID shot left me feeling as bad as when I had my first case of COVID from 12-30 hours after the shot.

My first shingles shot had me feeling under the weather the day after. I sat and caught up with a few TV shows / movies, and was back to 90% the second day after. It wasn’t pleasant, but it wasn’t as bad as solo COVID shots.

I got my second shingles shot at the same time as my flu shot (which, as I’ve mentioned elsewhere, seems to hit me harder than many people). The day after was worse than the day after my first COVID shot.

I probably shouldn’t have done the second shingles shot at the same time as flu, but I didn’t see too many “two days free” windows on my calendar through the end of the year, so…

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do you think any of the side effects were from the flu shot though? i have no side effects from the flu shot. i’d guess it’s from the shingles vaccine.

I don’t know how much was “the second shingles shot is worse than the first one” and how much was “I react more to flu shots than many people seem to”. I just know the day after really, really, REALLY sucked (fatigue, aches, fever).

In years past, the flu shots I got actually produced some of the less-fun flu symptoms in me, which is part of the reason why I refused to get them for several years. However, I haven’t had that problem since I resumed getting them.

(Flu shot two years ago had no side effects that I could notice…but I was hospitalized at the time for other reasons. Last year’s flu shot had mild aches and minimal fever…and arm discomfort that interfered with sleeping on my side for 2-3 months after. This most recent flu shot was as described, and the injection site is still sore and itchy over a month later, but it’s just a minor annoyance rather than interfering with sleep.)

:swear: WTF? I got my first shingles shot at the end of August, at a CVS about 1/2 mile from my house. I walked to it. After reading recent posts in the thread, I decided to schedule my second dose ASAP, to avoid any complications with my December travel or Christmas. Should’t affect Thanksgiving now anyway, but no out of town visitors for that so not a big deal if it did.

So why the WTF? While many CVS locations still give the shots, the closest and second closest apparently don’t, at least nothing available in the online reservation system. I’ll call the local CVS tomorrow and verify. Can’t walk to any of the others, but there is at least some availability with a drive under 10 miles.

Shingles vaccine is currently in short supply and can be difficult to find sometimes.

1st Shingrix shot: no problem next day
2nd Shingrix shot: Holy sweet ****!!! My hands and feet were ice cold, the rest of me was burning up and shivering!!! It ******in’ sucked rocks!!! I was sick the whole next day!!!


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Omg i have a feeling ill be putting off getting the shingles vaccine long past age 50.

Pretty much everyone says its horrible

For me both shingles made me tired for a day, and the first one gave me a slight rash by the injection site that lasted a few days.

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I was terrified of it, but it was just unpleasant, not horrible. My arm was sore and i was tired fora couple of days.

Have appointment for the CVS within walking distance for Wed Nov 23 10AM. Not a problem with Shingrix vaccine availability. All their time slots for vaccinations until Tue Nov 22 were already taken, mainly for flu vaccine shots. For personal considerations (potential consequences of side effects), Wed worked better than Tue for me.

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My friend who got the bivalent booster had covid a few days after getting boosted. So, it’s likely he actually caught covid while getting the booster. His case was kinda bad and now he has heart palpitations a month later.

my question is, if you get boosted and catch covid the exact same day will that result in a worse case of it or no affect at all? I know the booster won’t help at that point.

It’s his 3rd bout with covid. He’s a teacher, so likely why. Although, his first bout he caught at a party. 2nd and 3rd I think was likely from teaching. First bout with classic covid was bad. 2nd was no big deal. 3rd was bad again. Going reverse.

Interestingly question. It seems logical that it would put extra stress on your immune system. But whether it would be enough more to matter in a material way … I have no idea.

Yeah, I was thinking about that at my last booster, as my kid got sick the day I got the booster. But I didn’t get anything.

pants on fire. You got the booster.

I dunno, but I have a friend who caught covid from her grand kid 2 days after her vaccine, and her doctors didn’t think the vaccine was relevant. They didn’t think it would help her or hurt her, with that timing.

For the “what timing” file –

Back when the vaccine was starting to roll out, the evening before they were going to administer the first dose of Moderna to residents (they would have been the first nursing home folks to get it in that state), I got a call from my father’s nursing home – my father had tested positive for COVID, and they needed to move him into isolation.

Fortunately, he was reportedly asymptomatic, although it did seemingly take forever for him to test negative.

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Due to minor complications at home, drove instead of walked to be on time for the appointment. Got the shot about 30 minutes ago. No noticeable discomfort so far. About to go out for a walk around the neighborhood.


Injection slight very slightly stiff today. Will not have any impact on daily activities.

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Looking into getting a booster shot early in January.