Will you get the vaccine as soon as available to you?

Yeah, I know, but I also have to consider potential side effects (I am the breadwinner, after all), and that my family has a history of autoimmune disorders.

In any case, I’ll be the first one. I’ve always been the most-vaccinated person in the house.

[I’ve even had a series of rabies shots, but then, we all did]

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Maybe a more accurate description is they are more likely to be Trump supporters as he seems to have consolidated a lot of the conspiracy theory crowd under him.

People who are susceptible to conspiracy theories are probably not going to only be susceptible to one of them. I would expect the intersection of QAnoners and anti-vaxxers to be quite large. And a lot of the evangelicals I know believe there is going to be a chip (mark of the beast) in the covid vaccine.

I wouldn’t say conspiracy theorists are naturally more drawn to GOP ideals, whatever those are these days, but I think the GOP has done a better job of appealing to them, with an embrace of conspiracy theories in general.

There are some absolutely batshit crazy conspiracy theorists among Democrats, but it doesn’t feel as mainstream to me.

So, yes, about 75% of the anti-vaxxers I know are Trump-or-die QAnoners. Before Trump, they thought Hillary was running a pedo ring.

I bet if I lived in Portland, I’d have a very different experience, though.

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For real? Have any of those people ever chipped a pet? You need a BIG needle for that, and you can feel the chip under the skin.

I don’t think logic plays a role in this one.


But you see with the latest technology they can make the chips much smaller![/red]

I hadn’t heard the mark of the beast thing, but I did wonder if people would think that. Funny thing is that if we are in fact living in end times, by my thinking it’s probably Donald Trump who is the Antichrist.

Also I think it’s generally accepted that you will know when you’re getting the mark of the beast. And that you won’t be able to buy and sell with it. Which rules out the Covid vaccine because even if you can’t work or shop in public with the Covid vaccine, it’s pretty far fetched to think you couldn’t work from home or certainly shop online without being vaccinated.

So any mark of the beast claims are insanely obvious to refute. No big surprise there I guess, but disappointing to see how little Christians understand their own theology.

I got the flu vaccine today. Don’t want to take any chances this year.

Yeah we got ours several weeks ago. Target gives you a $5 coupon if you get yours there so we saved $10 off our next Target purchase. :tada:

$10 off $200 I probably wouldn’t have spent if I hadn’t walked inside Target in the first place is still $190 too much.

Naw, it’s just two coupons for $5. It could be $5 off $5 and bring your total to $0, I believe.

You do have to use each one separately, so we had to split our cart into two separate tabs and pay twice, but whatever. There’s always something you can use at Target. Detergent, deodorant, toothpaste, something.

If you mean that you figure out what you need when you’re at Target, then you would have spent that money eventually. (Whenever you ran out of detergent, deodorant, toothpaste, etc.)

If you mean that you’re buying completely useless crap that you will just throw in the trash without using then buy better stuff!

:canada: at the doctor’s, so no coupon for me. I’ll check for the Mark of the Beast later. :japanese_ogre: :smiling_imp:

I had been in the “maybe I’ll wait a bit and see what side effects emerge” group, but as I read about the testing and development of vaccines, I’m moving more towards “yeah, shoot me up”.

Because I work from home and I’m not in a high risk group, I assume I won’t be able to get it for a while. But if it becomes available, yeah, I’ll take it.

I got my flu shot in September, with my annual physical. No coupon. But I got it done and over with.

What I mean is that Target is a place I spend way too much money because I can’t help myself. Useless crap? No. Necessary stuff? Also no. I only have this problem at Target.

Like, a blouse that you will wear, but you didn’t need?

Sure, or new yoga pants, or $30 in wonderful gel pens, or kitchen utensils, or…

OK, fair enough. I have heard about this. I don’t really have that issue. I walk away having spent more than I thought I would because as I’m walking past the toilet paper I say “oh yeah, I’m low on that” and then when I’m walking past the toothpaste I remember that I’m low on that too.

But it’s all basically stuff I more or less need. I mean maybe I’ll try a frozen entree I wouldn’t have otherwise tried, but I do need food…

Sounds more like a “you” problem than a Target problem. I might get mine at Ralph’s, because I think they’re giving $5 gift cards. Gotta get my turkey anyway (but need some space in the freezer first), so might as well.

Of course it’s a “me” problem. It’s a joke the entire (rest of the) internet is in on.

Go ahead and google “Target effect” while I go find a new internet community that understands my sense of humor.

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I get the flu vaccine every year, and I also got a tetanus shot this year (whee, that one gave me a sore arm for a while). Stu had to wait til last week to get a flu shot, because he had to go to doctor for it, couldn’t get at pharmacy due to being a cancer patient… maybe he got a different one from what I got?

No clue.

Huh, I wouldn’t have thought Target is any worse than any other store, and I’m surprised it’s a meme. But I did understand your point.

I shopped on-line at Staples to buy some new masking tape, and somehow, my order came to about $100. (although, it’s all stuff we will eventually use.)

I usually get sick from the tetanus shot. Like, I ache all over and feel like crap for a day or two.