Wi Spa controversy

My trans and non-binary friend don’t describe themselves as straight or gay, but as attracted to masculine or feminine people.

I remember going to a nekkid bath house with my parents and their coworkers in Japan when I was a kid.

It was a segregated bath house. I saw one of my dad’s coworkers’ pee pee.
I was turned on.
I don’t think I fully reached puberty at that point.

Just remember, whatever comfort you feel about separating nekkid people by genitalia, gay people have been capitalizing on that for decades.

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And back in the dark ages… One of my mother’s friends had a lesbian roommate in college who came on to her when she was taking a bath. She was asking about how these things worked now that it was considered acceptable to be homosexual. I replied that it was acceptable to be homosexual, but not to assault your roommate.

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I have no problem with people sexual orientation, I couldn’t care less how they get their genitals or whatever stimulated. I do have a problem with trans people attitude and their political power. For example if a famous person says people born with vagina’s are different from people who think they are woman, that person will be characterized as anti-tran. Then trans people validating and promoting kids hormone therapy…

Well my kids are old enough to see the hypocrisy of these and they are cisgender. So, I shouldn’t get worked up with this “trans movement”.

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Ah, yes. The ever powerful trans lobby that somehow can’t stop a large wave of oppressive, de-humanizing bills from passing all over the country. I’m sorry that your brain can’t handle that vagina <> woman, but that’s your failing not ours. Trans women are women even if they still have a penis. Trans men are men even if they still have a vagina. (Neither of which is any of your business.)


what hypocrisy

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Gotta say… I know some trans people who have either grown breasts or had them removed (even saw the post-op photos of a trans guy on Facebook) but I have no idea what sort of genitalia most of my friends have. It’s just not something that comes up…

(Maybe it’s different for gay men on grindr. :wink:)

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definitely different…

I’ve seen the nudes of most of my friends and enemies. Pics get around.

That’s why I have the upmost respect for any gay man running for political positions.

How they don’t have nudes floating around and get immediately exposed is beyond me

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cheating is bad

not my problem

yeah, weird that mayor pete doesn’t have some floating around, or does he? he’s cute.

anyway, i’m not comfortable being naked around women, men, anyone. i don’t get the whole letting it all out in the locker room to begin with. other than that, not sure why children would be any more traumatized by seeing a naked person of the opposite gender than anyone else, as long as that person doesn’t come on to them in any way.

different genitalia, same gender.

I just ask “Hey, can I sneak a peek?”

Must be a Canadian thing.

There’s two wrongs that happen. One is people who paint anyone with a difference of opinion as being a phobe. It’s just veiled hate.
The second is when difference of opinion or technicalities are used to justify phobic behavior. Also veiled hate.
Too much of both of those happening around us today.

So in your example, of course trans women are physically different than someone born with a vagina (for now anyway). But why is this hypothetical famous person bringing that up?maybe it’s part of a reasonable conversation, but I bet it’s more likely a cover.

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Also obligatory I welcome our new trans overlords.

This is problematic language IMO. There can be no difference of opinion on human rights. If someone “agrees to disagree” that blacks should be allowed to play sports with whites because they might have some competitive advantage, is it not ok to call that person a racist?

If you work to prevent trans person from accessing the same health care, public accomodations, jobs, or recreational opportunities because you think men with vaginas or women with penises are scary and icky, then you are a transphobe.

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Well, nonetheless, it’s happening. And it creates polarization and anger, and it’s not helpful.

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