Who Will Trump Pardon

Not a game as much as a chance to pick who he will pardon. As I understand it, Flynn is now off the board? Any ideas? I heard Exotic Joe as one choice, Bannon as another. What says the AO?



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I’m mostly curious whether he will pardon lots of his associates, of or few. Not a much in exactly which people he pardons. But i don’t even have a good sense of what to compare that to. What would be “lots” on this context?

“Law and Order” MAGA people should be up in arms letting convicted felons (who actually committed their crimes) go. But they won’t be.

There won’t be any rhyme or reason in the pardons. Unless “pissing off traitors (his enemies)” is the goal.

If he was a good business man he would take advantage of this opportunity. There are about 175,000 federal prisoners. Trump can sell pardon for $1,000,000 a piece. If just 10% of the prisoners take him up on the offer that is an easy 1.75 billion in cash. To help fund the under privileged prisoners he could have Jared set up a loan program with Russian oligarch backing, they are ripe with cash needing to be laundered.

OK, now the if statement is true. Go on.

(Aside: OK how do we strike through things to note that we are fixing a post?)

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It’s just “s”, not the word “strike”

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What do we use for sarcasm?

I never really used actual red text, but I’ve ended the occastional post with [/red]

You see how important it is to label sarcasm now.



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He is much more likely to do this with anyone who’s rich and knows they’ve committed federal crimes.

Unstated, but I’m sure implied: every last dollar would go into his own pockets.

Who’s left to get pardoned? Good question, I don’t have anything near an exhaustive list of candidates but if someone starts lobbing out names and reasons I’d say “yep, probably a good candidate” especially if it’s an exercise in vanity or populism. It will end with his family and himself in some way. He won’t attempt to do the “resign and have Pence pardon him” trick, because he’s never giving up power like that. It’s all about him, he’ll take no chances.

Remember, though: presidential pardons only apply to federal crimes. If I’m a state AG, I watch very closely who gets a pardon and start looking for state crimes immediately, if I didn’t have investigations lined up already.

From the “If you have nothing to hide, why run?” crowd.
If you’ve done nothing wring why pardon?

Sean Hannity, whose Fox News program is closely followed by Trump, said on his radio show this week that the president, “out the door, needs to pardon his whole family and himself because they want this witch hunt to go on in perpetuity, they’re so full of rage and insanity against the president.”

Always with the “they’s”. Trump said a bunch of them on his full-of-lies FoxNews interview, but they (ha, now I’m doing it – I mean Trump and Hannity) never identify by name.

He will pardon all of the heroes who were ever banned from the AO for fake news racism.


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