Who will be the Democratic nominee for POTUS in 2024?

  • Joe Biden
  • Kamala Harris
  • Pete Buttigieg
  • Amy Klobuchar
  • Elizabeth Warren
  • Bernie Sanders
  • Gavin Newsom
  • Gretchen Whitmer
  • Alexandra Ocasio-Cortz
  • someone not listed (please post who)
  • 42 candidates for POTUS

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Based on the thread drift in the Hunter Biden thread. Not who do you WANT to be the nominee, but who do you think WILL be the nominee. If the person you want and the person you think will run are different, please post who you’d rather see.

I think Pete, Newsom, or Whitmer have the inside track now assuming Biden doesn’t run.

I agree with you that if Biden doesn’t run one of those three seems most likely. Please vote in the poll who you think is most likely (including the possibility that Biden does run).

Well crumb, I misspelled AOC’s last name. Must be a spell check thing, as I was being really careful when I typed it out. And I failed to notice in the first five minutes so it’s too late to change it now. Mods: are you able to edit poll choices after 5 minutes? If so, would you mind fixing AOC’s last name for me? Thanks! :pray:

I tried. Nope, locked after 5 minutes.

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Thanks for trying!

[edited to add]: I misunderstood. Not contradictory]

These sentences seem contradictory do me. I voted for the Warren, the one I would want most as nominee. Even if the instructions were clear, it would be a tough choice. All of those, and more than 42 possibilities, would have my vote in the general election if they are the democratic nominee.

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I think only 2 presidents since WW2 have decided not to run for a second term, Truman and LBJ. Both of them are special cases too: Truman served nearly 2 terms as he assumed the presidency very early in his first term after FDR died, and Johnson served 6 years after the JFK assassination. I think only 6 presidents in history decided not to run for a second term.

I’ll choose Biden for that reason, although I hope I am wrong. He’s too old.

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Vote for who you think WILL be the nominee.

If that person is not the person that you WANT to be the nominee then tell us in your post who you WANT (and if you feel like it also who you think WILL be the nominee.)

I don’t think my post is contradictory???

I voted for Biden as it’s just almost unprecedented to not run.

But I’d much rather see Klobuchar.

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Right. I just misinterpreted it. Vote now changed.

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Buttigieg & Whitmer

So Michelle Obama isn’t considered a serious candiate in 2024?

If she wanted it she’d have a decent chance.

I pulled those names off a random article off the interweb and it didn’t mention Michelle Obama. I hadn’t really thought about her, but she’s certainly got the name recognition going for her.

If you think she’s the most likely nominee, by all means answer “someone not listed” and tell us you think she’ll get the nomination.

Oh, I would add that if Biden dies or resigns or is 25th Amendmented in the next 8-10 months and Harris is already the sitting POTUS then that substantially improves her odds of getting the nomination. But if she’s still Biden’s VPOTUS when primary season kicks into full gear next summer/fall then it’s less likely.

I often use oddschecker, which collates several different sites. I believe it’s UK based, so what do they know. They have Joe, Kamala, Gavin, Pete, Michelle, Hillary, Elizabeth and Amy as their top 8 in order.


Well seeing as how I can’t even fix the spelling error, I’m certain I can’t add new poll options at this point. I’m sure this won’t be the last one though.


Mayor Pete is my top choice and a darling for the Democrats as a fairly centrist but left-leaning candidate, extremely smart and level-headed, young but experienced enough. He’s objectively good-looking and well-spoken but very humble and speaks to issues over a cult of personality.

The only concern I have is he’s gay, which will immediately disqualify him for about 30% of the country. That’s wrong but it is a real consideration.

There are at least 5 people on that list who could not win the election against Ron Desantis or Donald Trump.