Who makes the best hot dogs?

I’ve only ever been to one place that sold hot dogs so I say Costco.


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Hebrew National


The veggie hotdogs at Ikea are also quite good.

Oh wait, do you mean what eating establishment? Lots of them. Portillos is good and there are a lot near me. I grew up on Superdawg, so I’m always fond of them. Gene & Jude’s. Wolfy’s. Several other of my favorites have closed, but there are lots of others.

A good thing about a “Chicago” hot dog is that it is so standardized that there a tons of places that serve good ones.

Most of the hole in the wall places I’ve been to sell Vienna Beef. Is that the vendor those other places use or do they have something more special?

Dunno if you have been to Fast Track in the west loop but it just closed this week unfortunately. Lots of downtown places are closing because it’s too expensive to be selling hotdogs there now.

What do you consider a Chicago hot dog?

One of my stepbrothers & SIL used to live in Chicago and they serve beef hot dogs (usually Nathan’s, but sometimes Hebrew National) with carmelized onions and call them Chicago hot dogs. They’re really good that way.

But then I’ve heard others swear that a Chicago hot dog is something completely different… I forget what.

I’ve never seen one on the menu at a restaurant.

Dirty Frank’s Hot Dog Palace.

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It usually has onions/relish, pickles, tomatoes, sport peppers, celery salt, mustard, and definitely no ketchup. The one with caramelized onions is called a Maxwell Street Polish.


Jimmy Buff’s of West Orange Italian Hot Dogs.

It’s one of the few things in miss about New Jersey.

I don’t think he meant actual dog

that was the joke. but now that you spelled it out, we’re both gonna get flagged for being racist.

Except I can’t be racist cuz I’m asian, so it’s jail time for you baby.

I went to the zoo today and wanted to get a hotdog but they were out.
Only had ice cream

brands from the market? kayem or nathans or some other i can’t recall.

portillos i have heard good things about. have to assume nathan’s location is great. i love a good hot dog dive!

You’ve never been to the fair?

I can’t get Vienna Beef hot dogs here, those are the best. So at the store it’s a toss up between Nathan’s and Hebrew National.

Restaurant-wise, we have a place that makes a pretty legit Detroit style coney - Big Mill here in LFK.

My friend, Oscar, makes a really good dog. So good that he went into business and made enough to buy his very own automobile.

There’s a local place named Frippers that makes good dogs, but I’d say they are non-traditional. They have a bit of a polish sausage flavor to them. They have natural casings and a nice snap to them.

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