Who left the oven open in Canada?

It smells like an ashtray over here

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:evergreen_tree: :fire: :frowning:

You shoulda seen Ottawa on the weekend!!!

Canada needs to clean the floors of its forests better.


Yeah, I was kind of thinking how the story here is always how bad the air is in Chicago or was in NY or whatever. No thought seems to be given to CA at all south of the border. Something must be going on up there.

It’s so hot in Canada, all the hockey players are gonna drown in spring training.

If you’re in Brampton now, stay indoors tomorrow!!!

I call some of my students ‘my Brampton boys’. Even though I’m pretty sure none of them have even been to Brampton.
(Inside joke, Brampton has a huge pop. Of Indian immigrants, and some of the students that come with are foreign students from India).
I dunno, maybe it’s funnier in person.

I also called out the one guy from india for cultural appropriation because he was having supper at my place and I was serving chicken wings. You have no idea how much these kids eat, it’s honestly amazing. Like I serve them lots, and they eat it all and we are kinda done. Then I ask if anyone wants any more, and they’re all in, if I keep serving, they keep eating (I jest, but it’s a good thing).
Taking about 10 students out trap shooting in a few weeks and gonna do a BBQ at the range for them, but they’re getting hot dogs this time lol. Because in the past ive budgetted like 3 per person. Nope, they will eat at least six, which is when I ran out last time.

The low pressure system dumping this crap across the great lakes and Midwest is slowing heading east… I’m guessing the east coast will become an ash tray Thursday- Friday.

The blob of unhealthy air looks like it is now about 500 miles e-w and 1000 miles n-s, which seems quite a bit worse than when it cut through nyc a few weeks ago.


Canada to US population ratio is close enough to the smoking rate here, i approve.

But seriously Canada, you have water melting out of the ground under these trees, can’t you figure this out?

It’s really gross here in Louisville area and it looks worse further north on the air quality map. Smoke and 90* temps makes it hard to play golf for very long.

Wow that reminds me of a joke a hot goth girl told me years ago. Nsfw

Her: what does two day old cum smell like?
Me: i dunno.
Her: blows in my face like this.

In retrospect i may have missed a not so insignificant signal.

Yesterday was the first time I really noticed the air quality. It was very smokey and I started having some very mild breathing issues later in the day. Today is looking to be the same or worse.

My son has always been more sensitive to those kinds of things, and has more like cold symptoms as a result. It’s pretty crappy.

That was many decades ago and I did nothing. No popcorn necessary. Just boring old oblivious me.

The most jarring implication to me was that she hadn’t brushed her teeth in two days.

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The air quality as a result from the smoke is comparable to an average day in many parts of Asia. Maybe not at the peak where the sky is orange and it smells like an ashtray, but more the constant haze and lack of blue in the sky. The decades of environmental regulations on air quality really do make an enormous difference that i think many tend to take for granted.

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Yeah, that was my read. Also that 48 hours ago she had gone down on a different guy.

Which wouldn’t be my go-to idea for how to let a guy know I was interested in him, but then again, that is admittedly not my strong suit. But I’ve never really looked for one-night stands so probably the pickup lines are different when that’s what you’re looking for. :woman_shrugging:

Huh… Mini Me has been blowing her nose more than usual but says she feels fine. I wonder if it’s the smoke that’s bothering her.

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