Who left the oven open in Canada?

You are absolutely correct. In fact the reason we were predicting an ice age in the 70’s is because the air was so pulled back that less sunlight was hitting the Earth and it was cooling the globe even offsetting the greenhouse effect of the CO2 emissions.

The Apple Weather App air quality map has been an interesting find of mine since this started several weeks ago. The smoke in the atmosphere is an excellent heat map view of the high and low pressure systems. More smoke equals lower pressure and no smoke equals high pressure. Last night a line of storms pushed through the Ohio Valley and you can clearly see the front that pushed them through. Anyway this map is a great tool for seeing where the smoke is at and why it’s there.

It’s been worse in Ottawa for the heat. The air pollution is new.

It feels like this whole week has been warmer than the summer. Someone definitely left the oven on (in Ontario).

I am on the front porch now (shady) in shorts for a webinar.

Gratuitous photo of bare knees (they don’t have to be yours) or it didn’t happen.

Spoilered for exposed skin.

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Yeah driving today, pouring rain and 10c. So, that was a short ice fishing season.

I saw on the news maple tree tapping has begun early.

Obligatory: When u gonna let me tap dat?

Hey, whatever you and a consenting tree wanna do, that’s your business. :deciduous_tree: :love_hotel:

Same as it cost downtown: tree fitty.


Like a month ago. First part of february when the temperature was swinging. And I expect the last two weeks has been wild in terms of production.
I normally tap a few trees in my backyard, no time this year unfortunately.

If the weather stays above zero like this, it’ll be over soon.

It was 13C at noon when I went for my haircut. Now the clouds and wind have rolled in and it’s gonna be freezing tonight!!!

monday was over 60 here. woke up today to 4 degrees. saturday back to 60?

It’s odd how it doesn’t take long to acclimate. It was 28F today, which isn’t bad by Feb standards, but it sure felt cold.