Which one was the side chick? Diana or Camila?

None of this is conspiracy theory… it’s all very well documented.

Well, except for my offhand comment about the conspiracy theory that Charles is not Harry’s real father. That is definitely a conspiracy theory. Somewhere on GoA that was hashed out … perhaps when Elizabeth died.

We actually probably don’t in general. Just about Charles and Diana’s marriage in particular. He never really loved her; never wanted to marry her, and seems to have never once stopped loving Camilla.

It’s a pretty f—-ed up situation, to be sure.

We definitely do

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I dunno, @ArthurItas . If you marry under duress, but are still in love with someone else, and continue to have an affair with the someone else, i don’t think it’s clear that the one you are in love with is just a “side chick”. Even if you do your marital duties in the legal marriage.


I think the responsibilities and obligations of the monarchy are super complex, and I could be convinced either way on this one.


I think it’s fine to think of whomever you’re cheating on your spouse with as the side piece :person_shrugging:


No poll? Lame.


Go put up a poll.

IKWYM :smirk:

Go snuggle with JFGJr - after you put up a poll.

Go for it

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I don’t follow the royal family and always feel super out of the loop when my family talks about it. It’s a lot more :popcorn: on GoA though…

Proceeding to incite a heated debate in my family group chat using details from this debate…

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They’re too sold on the twig (Q) theory, quick guys, give me something to challenge them other than Diana had his kids

Oh not to fear, we’ve got subscribers to the Harry isn’t his son theory


Does everyone have a family group chat? How broad is the family included?

I have a couple. One is with my siblings, and I have another one with my wife’s family that includes her parents, their kids, spouses, and grandkids.

I have a group chat with my sibs, but we mostly use it for practical stuff about my mom’s estate, not social stuff.

I have several group text chains going with my family. Most are used to mock people in other text chains who are excluded from the one with the mockery. And I’m sure none of them exclude me and mock ME behind my back.

I have 6 siblings, and a very dysfunctional family in general, so we have a lot of combinations going.


I’m in my wife’s immediate family group chat, and they two more extended group chats as well.