Which one was the side chick? Diana or Camila?

Yeah, Diana was more the side chick. The kid sister of an ex-girlfriend that he only dated because he was on the rebound from Camilla.

Quite the hot take that the side chick is the wife of 15 years who had your kids and who you were constantly around, and the woman scorned and not in your life for most of those 15 years is the main event.


Uh, that is not remotely true. He and Diana lived totally separate lives for the last 10-11 years of their 15 year marriage.

Getting married and having kids is only dating? That’s a weird one.


That’s not really true either.

Accounts differ as to precisely why they broke up in the 1970s. The Crown depicted Diana’s version that Lord Mountbatten and the Queen Mother essentially ordered Camilla and Andrew Parker-Bowles to marry because they didn’t think Camilla was a suitable wife for Charles.

Other accounts are that she went back to Andrew of her own volition.

But I’ve never remotely heard anyone ever say that Charles broke up with her. I’ve only ever heard that he wanted to marry her… much to everyone’s chagrin.

Huh? No. Charles and Sarah Spencer dated for a while. But Sarah didn’t want to marry him because he was still in love with Camilla.

Diana is Sarah’s kid sister.

If your boyfriend marries someone else and she starts popping out his kids, that’s a pretty good sign you aren’t his #1


Perhaps, but that’s not really what happened.

  1. Camilla and Andrew Parker-Bowles dated. It was no secret that they were sleeping together and Camilla was (gasp) not a virgin.

  2. Andrew regularly cheated on Camilla, including with Princess Anne.

  3. Camilla dumped Andrew and started dating Prince Charles.

  4. Charles was smitten and wanted to marry Camilla. His family was horrified at the thought. She was considered unsuitable. Both a commoner and not a virgin.

  5. Charles was, rather suddenly, deployed with the Navy. Accounts as to why differ, but separating him from Camilla is a common theme.

  6. Accounts as to why differ, but Camilla and Andrew Parker-Bowles got married while Charles was deployed.

  7. Charles is the world’s Most Eligible Bachelor.

  8. Charles and Camilla continue to see each other in secret even though she is married and he is dating other women.

  9. One of Charles’s girlfriends is Lady Sarah Spencer. He asked her to marry him but she said “no” because she knew about Camilla.

  10. Lord Mountbatten, Charles’ uncle with whom he was very close, was assassinated by the IRA.

  11. Ex-girlfriend Lady Sarah Spencer’s kid sister, Lady Diana Spencer saw Charles looking glum at a party and talked to him.

  12. Charles discussed with Camilla and they agreed that he had to marry someone… may as well be Lady Diana.

  13. Charles proposed to Diana and she accepted.

  14. At a press conference a reporter asked Charles and Diana if they were in love. Diana responded “yes, of course”. Charles piped up “whatever that means”… which is a strange thing to say when you’re engaged.

  15. On the eve of his wedding to Diana, Charles and Camilla met and exchanged gifts, and one presumes… more.

  16. Charles and Diana married.

  17. While on their honeymoon Charles wore cuff links given to him by Camilla featuring two intertwined C’s. He spoke to Camilla on the phone every chance he got. Diana was furious.

  18. He also called Diana chubby while on their honeymoon and they fought near-constantly. Her bulimia started on their honeymoon.

  19. Charles and Diana did get a bit closer while she was pregnant with Harry.

  20. After Harry was born they got in another big fight and basically lived separate lives from that point forward. Diana had numerous affairs and Charles continued to see Camilla every chance he got.

So yeah… I’d say that Camilla was the main act and Diana was on the side… from Charles’s perspective anyway.

This is like talking to a Q anon person. Charles did marry Diana, and she did start popping out his kids. You can claim that’s not true with a lot of words about various alleged dalliances, but the sentence I wrote is factual.


I’m not disputing that Charles and Diana married and did their royal duty in producing an heir and a spare.

I’m disputing that Diana was the main love interest of Charles. At no point in his lifetime was that ever true.

Also, all of that is pretty well documented… not really Q-Anon at all. No one disputes that he was having an affair with Camilla throughout the entirety of his first marriage.

The only conspiracy part is why he got deployed when he did and why she married Andrew. There are different versions of why floating around. When The Crown depicted those events they went with Diana’s version, but the Queen Mother certainly disputed that account.

Yes, you directly disputed that they got married and had kids. This was your reply that it never happened.

You are obviously way deep down the royal rabbit hole to get offended by the joke about a side piece. Not really productive for either of us to continue. Enjoy whatever the royal Q continuum is.

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No I didn’t.

I disputed that Charles was constantly around Diana (he went to great lengths to avoid being around her as much as possible) and that Camilla was scorned by Charles (never happened).

False Look at the post you replied to. I said charles married Diana and she started having his kids. You said that’s not what happened.

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Here? I literally quoted the portion of your post that I took issue with. It was the “constantly around” part.

At no point in time did I ever dispute that Charles and Diana got married and had kids.

In fact when people pipe up with the “Charles is not Harry’s father” conspiracy theory I am quick to point out that Harry is the spitting image of Prince Philip, and thus surely Charles’s son.

or a few months earlier


I quoted the part that didn’t happen. Which is not the part you claim I said didn’t happen.

Can the mods move this royal family argument to another thread?


You have the sequence of events badly wrong.

Charles was not Camilla’s boyfriend and then he married someone else. By the time Charles and Diana got married Camilla had already been married for several years and was cheating on her husband with Charles.

Now if you’d said “If your longtime affair partner who is for all intents and purposes required to marry someone else and produce heirs does exactly what is required of him and no more (with a woman he can’t stand) while he is still madly in love with you and continues to sleep with you every possible chance he gets” then that would have been a more accurate statement.

We clearly have different views about both marriage and boyfriends/girlfriends

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