Which one was the side chick? Diana or Camila?


We have a main one, which is my parents, my two sisters and then mine and my sisters’ significant others. We actually had a whole thing when we included my significantly younger sister’s SO because we had to create a new chat. In practice I know my wife just mutes that group chat and I expect my siblings’ SOs do the same.

I also have a group chat with my sisters which usually involves them complaining about my mom and asking me to talk to her about stuff because she pretty clearly favors me as her only son.

I think this belongs here.


That is a positive policy to follow imo.

I am always surprised by the amount of interest in the British royal family in the US. I have little interest even though Charles III is my king as he is King of Canada. I assume the US interest is a celebrity thing?


Perhaps it’s one of those few areas Americans can feel unambiguously culturally superior to the English.

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Why does Canada still do this? Tell 'em to sod off!

No Canadian political party can get elected by openly advocating the abolition of the monarchy. There is not a majority of Canadians supporting the monarchy but enough to swing the balance of power in an election.

But this cultural superiority is then watered down by fascination by some Americans with the British monarchy?

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  1. What does the monarchy do for Canada?
  2. What does the monarchy require of Canada?

Obligatory Monty Python and the Holy Grail vid:


Excellent - “I didn’t vote for you”

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Nothing is the answer to both questions. Most Canadians feel the monarchy is not doing any harm and there is a minority that are fervent supporters.

There are things in both our countries that might warrant changes but nothing happens because there are always sufficient folks who will oppose the change if they see no clear advantage to a change.

It should be noted that most Canadians grew up with QE2 as their monarch and she was a constant for some folks (like me) for over 70 years. I think Canadians may look harder at the new King and, if he fails to impress, he may be our last monarch.

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I think im the last generation to be indoctrinated into the idea of the monarchy being part of canada. We sang god save the queen in school etc. But for all practical purposes the monarchy means nothing and id be happy to see it gone from canada.
Unfortunately its too tied to our parliamentary system for that to happen. And our first nations as individual tribes/nations built treaties with the crown so they still see the monarchy as the final entity to deal with. The term is ‘nation to nation’, but half that phrase is the monarchy, not the govt of canada.

My grandmother otoh when she was alive, was totally a monarchist. Loved the queen,loved the queen mother.

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All i said was that americans got to FEEL culturally superior, not that they actually are!

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They made you sing the Sex Pistols?