Which network are you watching for election results?

I’ll probably watch PBS. I’ve always liked Shields and Brooks.

I’m not a cable guy, so it’s network-only choices for me.


I like Savannah Guthrie and Chuck Todd.

CNN here most likely, but if they put someone annoying on I might switch. And will probably surf around during commercials.

My normal spot for watching election results was the AO.

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Pretty much. I figure with all of the mail in ballots, it’s going to take until Friday at least to get results, so I’m pretty much just going to check in once a day or so and see which faction is looking most likely to start some riots.

I have hit an extremely cynical stage with respect to politics lately.

Arizona, Florida, North Carolina, Georgia, Texas, Iowa, Michigan, and Nevada should all have enough votes counted to be decided by late tonight, even with the slow trickle coming in afterwards. Unless it is all coming down to Pennsylvania, which could happen, the mail-vote holdup isn’t really going to be that big of a deal IMO

I’ll be streaming some coverage on YouTube in the background. ABC or NBC probably, no idea who the talking heads are on any of the channels or if they are any good.

Not watching.

ooooh Savannah Guthrie is hosting on NBC? now i’m torn between my usual MSNBC and NBC. maybe i’ll flip back and forth.

Yes! The NBC panel is made up of Lester Holt, Savannah, Chuck, and Andrea Mitchell.

Savannah was such a badass at the town hall with Donald. I didn’t know who she was before that.

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Yeah, I thought so too. She’s a co-host on the Today show, so I watch her daily there.

so far i’m parked on msnbc. i might stay there.

Fox. I don’t like to be preached to.

I’m watching whatever is on the TV. Right now, it appears to be two of the kids and one of their friends playing Phasmophobia.



It’s not actually a joke.

I enjoy the few democrats on Fox that get into arguments with the rest of the gang.
Plus, Fox actually has quite a few good anchors. Chris Wallace, Neil Cavuto, Bret (at times, he can appear to be biased sometimes), Shannon Bream.

Plus, if dems are to win, I want to hear Fox declare it to believe it.

makes sense.

Note: not directing this label at you.