Which GoA "stranger" has the most personality

Which ao stranger do you feel like you know best purely from your presumption and perception of their posting style/content? (given you’ve never met or seen this person in public/videos/imagery)

I’m not going to name names but my top three are female.



Damn it Dan…

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And JSM I think you’re pretty distinctive


I’ve lost count of how many people I’ve met from the ao, maybe 125? lost count. so, I couldn’t really say based on stranger status anymore as only a few qualify as strangers.

I worked with a prolific AO poster. Interacting with that individual was absolutely nothing like I would have expected based on their online persona.

That said, I feel like the person I can envision the best based on their posting is probably Lucy.

What is AO? I am only familiar with GoA.


lol oops, I forgot this place wasn’t the AO

I hired a prolific AO poster, who is also quite different irl than how they came across on the AO. There’s a nontrivial chance it’s the same person. I think.

I put my entire life on here, and no one has even hinted at me yet…


Okay well I didn’t actually READ most of the responses, so…fair point.

You first.

I’m probably gonna go with Lucy. I have an imagery of her in my head that resembles a real person.

Whereas twig kinda looks like an ambiguous stick figure.

maybe CS too. Thought he was a nerdy boy back on the AO. But getting married and having kids did something to him. Now he’s harder to figure out

CS hasn’t mentioned having kids.

FWIW, they’re also in my list of top ten favorite posters.
:1st_place_medal: :2nd_place_medal: :3rd_place_medal: :medal_sports::medal_sports:

…which, I’m sure they’re just thrilled about.

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But you’re no stranger to me.

At least your ankles aren’t

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Thread titles are easy to fix.


I wanna meet steve white