Which character from a book would you MARRY?


Are we talking original (Anderson, Grimm, etc.)? Disney adaptation? Other adaptations?

Oh I really meant any book. Lemme change.

Ariel from Under the sea.

In terms of actual fairytales, I dunno, not a lot of marriage material out there. Disney characters are mostly dopey teens. Grimms and Andersen tend to have even less personality. Scheherazade, probably? Maybe the original Little Mermaid?

I loved Lara from Dr. Zhivago but not sure whether it was because of the character or because Julie Christie played her in the move.

Yeah, that was kind of my first thought - if there had been a movie adaptation, I’d be strongly swayed by the actress portraying the character even more than the character.

Anyway, certainly nothing recent. Anything I’ve read that’s recent has featured a woman who is self-destructive, alcoholic, and just not very nice.

And on second thought, this is probably strongly swayed by “is hot”. With the additional condition of not self-destructive, alcoholic, or just not very nice.

This is actually pretty hard, I think in great part due to major characters generally having to have some flaw or issue to create conflict in the book and to make the book more interesting. The most marry-able (and I’m not gonna try to define that for me) seem to be the lesser-developed characters, which just seems a wrong choice for a marriage partner.

Father Timothy Kavanaugh but he is a bit too old for me.

If I were looking for guys, I might start with Chief Inspector Gamache. He’s one that the author hasn’t given much of a down side. Maybe too into his job and “too caring”. That’s balanced with smart, caring, introspective, empathetic, romantic, thoughtful, honest, trusting, good looking, smells good.

I still haven’t come up with a woman.

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Lol. Maybe Gamache’s wife, although she’s not quite developed enough.

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Good choice: my wife and all her friends also love Gamache. Pretty hard for any guy to compete with him! I also love Louise Penny’s books but my favourite character is Ruth Zardo.


Balto. :dog:


Gamache and his wife both seem like they would be wonderful partners.

I do like Cynthia Kavanaugh but I’m already married to an artist. If I’m marrying a book character I want to try something different.


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Jessica Rabbit, of course

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Kylo Ren

Did not know that these characters were in a book . . .

I’m guessing y’all are just going off of visuals and not “character” . . .

TBH, I would be considering Hermine from Harry Potter . . . but I know that I’d never be able to remember how to spell her name w/o looking it up all the time.

But Luna Lovegood would be in the running . . .

Lol. I knew that if you posted it would be Kylo Ren. It was the only sure one I thought of.

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